10 Wisdom Principles that will guarantee Success

There are certain principles that if followed will guarantee success! By Success I mean a balanced joyful life. A person is successful when they are living the life they were designed to live. When you have more than enough resources for yourself and your family, when you are full of joy and are taking good care of your health, when the people around you love you and are inspired by you, when you have hope that your future is secured, then you are successful.

Lots of people have spoken and written books on the principles of success. I am only listing some of those that I have applied and continue to apply in my life! I summarize them all as seeking wisdom!

1- Have a clear vision of where your life is headed! – See it like a movie. I use an exercise called interviewing the older you to capture this clear vision. You should speak to yourself as if you are already this person. Write the vision and write your ideas!

2 – Be Consistent –  A clear vision helps you to be focused and as such you will be able to apply yourself to the same tasks or goals over a longer period of time and develop expertise! Consistently follow the plan you develop to realize your vision.

3 – Follow your inner directions – Learn to trust that God can lead you! Sometimes you just have to operate by that “intuition”. You know that “something” that told you to stop for gas? Yes, that “something” should be listened to if you have learned to distinguish between the wise and the foolish “something”.

books4 – Always Improve -Let the you of today be better than the you of yesterday! Read, listen to podcasts, read this blog (~smile~), practice and more. Just get better and never stop trying to get better!

5- Have a coach or Mentor -Find someone who is already doing what you want to do! Follow them.

6 – Find people who are like minded, people with similar visions! Work with them.

7 – Be Generous/ Serve– Give all the time. Always look for opportunity to give time, money, help to people around you. Let your work and life be more about giving than receiving. You’ll get much more that way than you need anyway! Be ready to serve people, inspire them. Let your life be an example.

8 – Love People – Yes learn to want the best for everyone around you! Forgive those that have hurt you! Choose never to keep any negative feeling over night. Let it always end before you sleep!

9 – Learn to speak your vision – Think and read and develop your vision until all you can say is your vision. Live in your vision and act always in the direction of that vision. Say it to yourself always! I am ……. (Whatever your vision is) Not what you see now.

10 – Connect with God – Remember that you where designed for a purpose! Believe that God who made you is ready to support you and all you need is available. Let this truth give you great confidence in your ability by God’s help to accomplish whatever God put in your heart to do.

Wow, there are more that can come out of these! Here is what Brian Tracy has to say: Be the Best You: 7 Keys to a Positive Personality!

If you like this video, you can get more handpicked, organised motivational videos at Motivationalvideos.me. That’s where I found this one.

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Share some Wisdom

I know you can add some more to this list! What is one principle that continues to help you succeed? Please share and lets all learn from you! Use the comment box below!


9 thoughts on “10 Wisdom Principles that will guarantee Success”

  1. What a refreshing honest post about success Ade!

    People often get success confused with a big mansion and some snazzy cars and other toys. But here you mentioned in your first paragraph that when we have have more than enough resources for ourselves and family, your heath is good and you have great people around you, you are in fact successful!

    Yes, we can grow on this point, but it all comes down to that. Your points are well said. My favorite is love people, and of course connect with God. I cannot imagine anything else.


  2. Hi Ade! These are the perfect collection of principles that one needs to look at to become successful at anything my friend. I don’t think enough people this about #4 though. It is imperative to always improve to Just get better and never stop trying to get better! Well said. It will be a peasure to share.. Thanks Chery 🙂

  3. Hi Ade. This is a pretty comprehensive list! I thought about what I could add, scrolled back to the top, and it was already there. Probably the only one I would add is to be honest with yourself and other people.

    You have really provided words to live by. Thanks, Ade.

    All the best,

  4. Hi Ade,

    Super! I like trusting in God. I slow down, relax and start my mantra; I surrender, I am free! I repeat, and repeat, and the repetition helps me develop greater trust in a Higher Power who put me here to do what I do best.


  5. Success isn’t done on whimsical ideals and actions. It is logically thought out and planned, and gives room for correcting with error.

  6. Ade,
    thanks so much for sharing some of your learned wisdom.. you done a great job to convey a great message here… thanks for sharing.

    Listing the 10 things that you found to have worked for you to be successful, is amazing.. not everyone can list them as clear and direct as you did, perhaps it show that you truly live them day after day.

    There is so much to learn and it is great when coming across some constructive information that real people are truly living it..

    Thanks so much once again and wish you well in every way.

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