2 months after an Ischemic Stroke – How am I?

Yes! It’s 2 months already! Lots of people are asking about how I am doing.

Here is an update! I’m improving daily! When you see me, I’m not yet back to my usual physical form!

However, in my spirit I see myself completely restored and I’m declaring it so every day!

These days I’m doing my exercises as assigned by both my physiotherapist and my occupational therapist.

The Occupational therapist is working with me on my right hand. Our is to get to my original level of functionality. I have been seeing her 3 days a week for about an hour each day.

The Physiotherapist is working with me on my walking and running!

Our goal is for me to be able to run again. Right now I can walk with a limp and I can barely jog.

I’ve been adviced by my therapist not to force myself to run or jog so as not to cause a problem with other parts of my body!

She wants me to strengthen some of my hip muscles first!

It’s almost full day of activities when I combine the actual visits with all the exercises!

So what can I not do yet?

The doctor at the stroke prevention clinic adviced me not to drive for now! I should see her before the end of June to review that.

My doctor says I should take things easy- that means minimal activities until the end of June.

Right arm and fingers 

I can do almost anything I want to do. Hover about half the speed of my left hand! Also If I can do something with my left hand for 10mins before getting tired, I can only do it with my right hand for 5 minutes.

Note that this is great improvement because there were so many things I could not do at all with my right hand last month

Right leg

The most obvious weakness is bending my leg backwards from the knee.

I find this very difficult and it only goes about half as high as the left leg. This makes it difficult to put on my pants and socks! Just difficult, not impossible.

When I lay on my belly and try to raise my feet towards my “bum”, I find that a bit difficult too. For a long time I could only go about half way but in the last week I have been able to go most of the way.

A few days ago, I held my left foot up in the position I described above for 17mins. I stopped because I didn’t want to spend more time. I could have gone for up to 30mins at the least. However with my right foot, I could barely hold it for 1 min!

Yeah, I still need those muscles to be at least 30 times stronger! Yeah some of the muscles have shrunk. I can physically see that some muscles on my left leg are obviously bigger that the right ones.

My right side is my dominant side. So there is still a lot more recovery for me to manifest.

Spiritual exercises 

I have not left things only in the physical. I speak health and total recovery to my body ALWAYS.

This has been a long post. My right hand is tired! Bye for now!

Thanks for reading.

Leave your comments and questions below! I love to read from you too!

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Author: Ade

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2 thoughts on “2 months after an Ischemic Stroke – How am I?”

  1. I also speak health and total recovery to you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Why is it called an ischemic stroke?

    1. Thanks Nkechi! Amen! There are 2 types of strokes.
      Ischemic stroke which is caused by a blockage in an artery that leads to the brain.
      And hemorrhagic stroke which is caused by bleeding in the brain.

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