30 days of praying 3 hrs in the Spirit – day 1

One down! 29 more days to go! . How was it? It was great spiritually. In the first hour, it was fun and exciting and my mind was all over the place, thinking about many things I had done, needed to do, needed to write so I took out my pocket notebook and wrote things down. This helped a lot, I finally got quite in my mind after about 1hr and 15min and at the same time my legs started feeling tired too!

I borrowed Olu’s mp3 player and I played instrumentals on it througout the prayers. After the 2nd hour, spiritually I felt like going on and the prayer seemed to be more focused and I felt that I was connecting better. However I was really feeling the weariness of my legs due to the constant walking (around our kitchen).

By the time I completed the third hour, I felt really refreshed spiritually and I really could have gone on. I had stopped pacing for about 10 – 15 mins and even though I was physically drained, i felt refreshed spiritually. I also took time to meditate on Phil 2: 1- 2. I saw that we really need to work as a team if we are going to have a city or province wide revival. I know the Lord will unite His Church.

Also, while I was praying I noticed that I got a lot of ideas on what to do regarding different things in my life. I wrote them down. Things like, email that company to ask some questions. Call this person in the morning. In all it was a real blast.

I woke up this morning at about 7.30am (I finally went to bed at 3.30am). Since Olu is working 9am – 9.00pm this week developing her financial consulting business, I decided to take care of Demi. So we are up and running. I missed my class yesterday and I will miss today’s class also. However I sent a note to my prof and will do the same today. Unfortunately, our “official” baby sitter fell ill yesterday and is in the hospital.

Remember that when we are connected with God, we are connected to the greated source of power in the universe. No need to fear.

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