38 days of blogging to celebrate 38yrs of God’s faithfulness! – day 1

So I will be 38 yrs old soon. I can’t believe that another year has gone by. It looks like it was just a few weeks ago that I turned 37 and I was thinking that I am getting closer to 40.  Well I decided to share the next 38 days with you by posting snippets of my day on this blog.

What am I going to share? Anything that happened during the day. It could be what I had for breakfast, the passages of the scripture that I read (i am reading through the Bible), something interesting that happened during the day, a photo that I took, something that I learned from a book I am reading or any combination of these items.  I will share something about my day that I am lead to share.

Grass Creek Park
Dami at Grass Creek Park just before the water Baptism

Let’s start with today – Day 1 – It was Pentecost Sunday. I spoke about being filled with the Holy Spirit at our Morning and Evening Services in Kingston Ontario. We had a blessed time and I believe the Holy Spirit began something in the lives of some of the people. I had the honor of baptizing someone after the service. We went to Grass Creek park and did the baptism. The water was very cold but our hearts were filled with joy and lots of warmth.

Something I learnt today – Acts 19 – Paul was sharing with the people of Ephesus daily for 2 years and God worked wonders… maybe that is why I am inspired to share daily on this blog. Really, when the Holy Spirit takes hold of a yielded vessel, there is no telling how much God can do!

Prayer – Lord let me continue to yield my life to you until I cannot find anything in me that is me. I want to be all for you, all about you, all my life. Amen.

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