7 months after moving from Canada to Kuje

I am about to start a 30 days challenge of blogging daily about the experience of doing ministry in Kuje. It would be a some kind of diary for me and also an attempt to help others see what God is doing in and through us here.

I really do not have enough time or energy to write all that has happened up until now. It’s been a very interesting and fruitful ride. So let me summarize in a few words as I can.

So there is a church building and the money to build came from Canada, Nigeria, UK, USA. We know we have enjoyed the favour of God.

Overcomers Fellowship Kuje


Yes there is a lot that still needs to be done! Here are a few things that are high on our list

Install all windows and doors – we have 11 windows left out of a total of 19 windows. We still need to install 2 doors. out of a total of 4. The building is a temporary structure so we had to build it with wood but we hope to make it as comfortable as we can as time goes on and hands increase.

The Real Ministry to the people!

We have an average of 50 – 60 people in attendance on Sundays (half of them or a little more are children. So we have the future secured…

Overcomers Fellowship International




Some of the people had left at this point.

The Family

We are enjoying the work! There are challenges but I will reserve that till tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!

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