How to have a life full of joy no matter what happens!!!

Do you realise that so many people today are looking for fulfillment, Happiness and love? When I listen to the news and interact with people daily, I find that everyone seems to be looking for something, and they seem to think that other people have that thing called happiness and yet it seems to allude them. This is my contribution to this search!

Augustine of Hippo in his classic “The Confessions” says that True happiness can only be found in God. The sad truth is that we all have been trying to find true hapiness without God. Can I say along with many great men and women before me that TRUE HAPINESS or LASTING JOY can ONLY be found in GOD?

Chassing after gadgets (fast cars, money, a big house, political positions) and fame will only give temporary happiness, but once one makes the decision to repent of ones selfish liestyle and chooses to live according to the will of God, one begins the lifetime journey into continued and increasing inner joy and hapiness.

You may say – yes I am a christian so I am covered, but really can you say that your life is centered on God? If some one’s life is centered on Movies, it will be obvious to everyone, and we know those who’s lives are centered around themselves!! If you say your life is centered around God, then it must be obvious to you and to those who are closest to you.

There are many people who claim to love God and live for God whose life do not reflect God in anyway. The reason for this is that they are not living for God, they are simply attempting to use God as a tool to achieve the real thing they are living for. They spend hours praying – FOR WHAT? They study the scriptures and even memorise them – WHY? The only proof of a live centered on God is an outflow of godly life. By this I mean a “contagious” life that draws others to God.

If your life does not draw others to God – that is a sure proof that your life is not centered on God. 

How do you center your life on God?

This is a question that would take a whole book to explain completely. I have spent practically all my life as a christian, learning daily how to center my life on God. However, what I can share with you is how to begin this lifelong process.

1) You must agree that you are a failure with regards to living according to God’s standard – As long as you think that you are doing an excellent job, and that you are a good person, you will find it impossible to surrender your life to God. However, the fact that you have read this far shows that you feel the need for something more in your life. It is my opinion that someone who thinks they are doing pretty well without God will have no need for God and as such will have to continue living the way that they are.

2) You must “repent”. That is to make up your mind to life right. To choose to do the right thing ALWAYS no matter whether it pays you or costs you.

3) You must surrender to God – That is to say to God that you are at his mercy and that He can do to you what He pleases

4) You must then accept the work that God has done on your behalf through Christ Jesus. Accept freedom from the power of sin and forgiveness of sins committed.

5) Be Baptised – Find a church where these truths are taught and get baptised in the Name of Jesus Christ.

6) Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Once these 6 things are done, I would say you are on your way to a life filled wtih increasing inner joy and happiness, both in this life and in eternity. Take note that inner joy and happiness are not the same as the things that make you laugh. No there will be tough time, tears and pain along the way, but through it all, you will find a constant underlying joy and assurance that ALL is well.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.