A Life without Limits! Find out how to have it!

What are Limits? Limits are things placed in our lives or experiences that prevent us from moving as far as we ought to go or as quickly as we ought to. Can I live a life without limits? Is it really possible to continue to improve in every area of our lives? The short answer should be YES! The Lord does not put limits on our lives. In God, you can go as far as God can go!  All you need to do is go in the direction that God designed you.  It is life and other people and our enemy the devil that put limits on us. The question then is, Are you experiencing a life without limits?

How does a life without limits look like?

Recently I saw a question on a blog that caught my attention. The writer asked if it is possible for his readers to earn ten times more that they were currently earning within a few years. I thought about it for a few minutes and my answer was a resounding yes. In my financial life right now, there is still plenty of room to grow. What if I actually start earning ten times my present income, will I still be able to answer YES to the question? This time I was not so quick to say yes. My hesitation shows that I could be placing a limit on how much income I can earn based on some unspecified criteria. We all have such limits in one area of our lives or the other. What we need to do is to consciously  eliminate these limits so that we can live our lives without limits or better still with no obvious limits. I have found that my relationship with Jesus has help me to eliminate lots of limits from my life.

To live a life without limits is to consistently grow in every area of your life regardless of the challenges you may face. Think of increased joy, peace, laughter, favour,

How do limits operate?

Let us briefly look at the story of how limits operate

Mark 11:1-11

Now when they drew near Jerusalem, to Bethphage[a] and Bethany, at the Mount of Olives, He sent two of His disciples; and He said to them, “Go into the village opposite you; and as soon as you have entered it you will find a colt tied, on which no one has sat. Loose it and bring it. And if anyone says to you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ say, ‘The Lord has need of it,’ and immediately he will send it here.”

So they went their way, and found the[b] colt tied by the door outside on the street, and they loosed it. But some of those who stood there said to them, “What are you doing, loosing the colt?”

And they spoke to them just as Jesus had commanded. So they let them go. Then they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their clothes on it, and He sat on it. And many spread their clothes on the road, and others cut down leafy branches from the trees and spread them on the road. Then those who went before and those who followed cried out, saying:

‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’[c]
10 Blessed is the kingdom of our father David
That comes in the name of the Lord![d]
Hosanna in the highest!”

11 And Jesus went into Jerusalem and into the temple. So when He had looked around at all things, as the hour was already late, He went out to Bethany with the twelve.

From this passage we can consider a few points

The Nature of Limits

They are initially imposed by others but then they become self imposed

When I think about the colt that Jesus rode into Jerusalem in the passage above, it reminds me the story of the circus elephants that I read a while ago. A man observed that the elephants at a circus are usually tied to a relatively small pole and he wondered why the elephant did not break away.

Elephant tied to a ropeHe was told that: “once when the elephant was very young, it was tied to the pole the same way. Naturally, it didn’t like that and tried to escape, but try as it might, the rope and the pole were too strong for it. So the elephant eventually gave up. Later on, when it was older, the elephant still believed it could not escape from the rope, and remained standing in the same place, despite the fact it could then easily escape.”

It is true that the elephant in the story has limits imposed on it as a baby, but as an Adult elephant, the limit was self imposed. Can you think of an area of your life where you have carried some limits over from your past? Are the limits real or you have exaggerated them in your mind.

The colt in our story also had limits. It was tied by the door, outside on the street (Mark 11:4). It could move and graze freely around the tree. As long as it does not try to go very far from the door or to whatever it was tied, it feels as if it is living a life without limits. How does the colt know that it is limited? It would know whenever it tries to move far from the door. Suddenly it would realize that it can’t go further. If it tries to go in another direction, after taking some steps it finds itself unable to go forward again. So now the colt knows that it is limited and after a while it would stop trying. The truth is that each attempt to go forward is not just prevented by the rope, it also causes pain. My focus in this article is how to overcome those limits that exist in our lives because we stopped trying!

We usually experience limits because we do not want to experience the pain associated with adventures and the likelihood of failure. What we call these limits? We can call them Accepted Limits.

Limits Usually Seem Logical

Usually a road block, or dead end in a road seems to say “Turn around”, “Stop moving forward”. We understand it. We expect that when such things occur, there is no need to try to go on. However we also know from experiences in life that some people have continued to move forward in the face of obvious road blocks and achieved greatness.

When a person does not have limbs you would expect that he would not achieve much. “It is obvious” to us that he will be behind most people in life. We actually have example of many people without hands or legs who have ended up greatly disadvantaged and their lives have amounted to very little. With such statistics it becomes “obvious” or “logical” to us that when you have no limbs or no hands or no legs, you will not achieve much in life.

If however if you ask the question, “Why can I not do much even without limbs”? Has anyone lived a fulfilled life without limbs? Can I still live a life without limits in the face of this obvious limitation? These are the type of questions I hope this article will evoke in you as it has been invoked in me again lately.

Nick Vujicic is a man born without limbs and is living a life without limits. Take a look at this video and it would remind you that you can live your life without limits.

Here is another video of a man called Richie Parker an engineer with NASCAR who was not stopped by his lack of arms.

Limits could last a lifetime

We we choose to stop challenging the road block and difficulties on our paths, they could be there for a life time. There are numerous kinds of limits. They take up a different shape for different individuals or organizations. For some it may be academic, for others it could be spiritual, for some it could be marital and still some business or career. For other it could be health challenges. Some people are born with disabilities which would be there all their lives, they could choose to be limited all their lives or else they could choose to challenge these limits and overcome them.

Look at the donkey in our story – It was tied to the colt by its owners. I believe it must have tried to move forward a few times. He would seem to make good progress until he got to the rope imposed limit. Then he would stop. After a while he would assume that is how life is. There are limits that you cannot pass. My message to you this morning is that – these limits although have been placed by others in your life are only as effective as you choose to believe them. I thank God for the Lord Jesus in my life. With him we have been able to push some limits. Many of them were pushed even unconsciously.

Examples of limits

  • You cannot make 10 times your present income unless you steal
  • There are no jobs in the country now so you cannot do much
  • It’s not possible to follow Jesus totally in this country. People are too corrupt or too skeptical.
  • Unless you know someone rich and powerful, you cannot get very far in your career
  • There are no good men around – all of them are taken or they are still in grade schools
  • There are no good girls around anymore – they are all spoilt and corrupt.
  • The doctors say I have this sickness, so I cannot really do much. I most likely will die of this sickness.

Limitations like these are the enemy’s tools for holding us captives. I see so many elephants in Christ captured in the churches today. They are elephants no doubts about that, but they are captured and being used for fun in the circus. They cannot move forward because of the little chain that the enemy has placed in their lives. I pray this will change in your life this morning.

Another lesson from the colt.

A colt tiedWhat broke the limitation of the Colt? It was Jesus. Not the existence of Jesus. Not that the colt knew the name of Jesus, but that Jesus placed a demand on the colt. The master has need of you. This is the same situation that I faced more than 30yrs ago. The master has need of you. As soon as they heard it, the colt was released. Released to do what? To serve the master. This is where most of us miss it. We do not realize that we were born to serve the master. We assume that we were born to serve ourselves and our family and maybe a few other people around us. We strive for money, for fame, for everything to make us happy only to find that there are limits. Until you realize that the master has need of you and you yield to him. Everything you have worked for and have suffered for is useless. You will still be limited to natural life. Your life is limited to the time on earth. After that, all that is left is an eternity without God, without joy, without peace, without rest.

The story of the colt may look simplistic but just remember that no one has ever sat on this little donkey. It could have rejected Jesus. It could have thought that it doesn’t want anyone to ride on it.

I know you say you love the Lord. You have received him as your saviour. The question is this. Is he your Lord. Is Jesus riding you? This is my own key to breaking every limit. It is by letting the one who has need of you to ride you as he likes. He may choose to go left today and go right tomorrow. Let him do it.  Don’t prove to be too smart. Read the signs all around you! You are being limited. When you are created for something, no matter what happens to you, it will come to your heart always, that you could have done this or that.

You will know deep within you that there is more to life than this. You will sense in your heart a great desire to leave where you are and be where you know you ought to be. Consider the story of the chicks and the eagles. I know that there are so many people reading this today who could be doing so much and being so effective and fulfilled who are not doing so. Why?It is because they are not yet ready to let the master ride them.

I can imagine that for a colt it’s not easy to carry a human being on your back if you have not done it before.  If you think that allowing Jesus to ride you Is easy, think again. Even when Jesus in on you, you may think that the same limitations that were imposed on you applies to him too. Just because you did not go to school, you may believe that you have to live on very little money every month.  It’s not true! With Jesus riding you, doors of opportunities will open for you to improve your skills and you will earn more.

Serving King Jesus is always an honour – the key to a life without limits.

Take note that as soon as Jesus got on the colt, the people around began to spread their clothes on the ground for the colt to walk upon. Who were the people honouring? They were honouring Jesus, but the colt was enjoying it because it had Jesus on his back.

I believe that when anyone choses to truly serve Jesus, to be used to bring the love of God to others, they will share in the glory that is due to Jesus. Men and women will favour you and because of the Lord Jesus on your life, you will experience great grace to be more effective in your ministry.

Once a person hands over their lives to Jesus, He takes over the life and uses it to produce the very best results. What would have been road blocks for you can easily become a stepping stones to a more fruitful ministry. You then begin to live a life without limits through Christ Jesus.

How do I let Jesus Ride on me practically?

As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you need to learn how to allow Jesus to ride you. This means, you choose to do what he wants you to do. You choose to listen to the voice of the holy spirt and you live your life for the purpose of God. You live to draw other into the Kingdom of God. You respond when you sense the need to pray for others. You respond when you sense the need to share your testimony of salvation. You respond when you are called to be physically present for someone in need. Your life is no longer driven by how much you can gather on the earth to increase pleasure or comfort. You simply live to bring glory to God.

As you yield your life to Jesus and you believe that there is nothing impossible for Jesus, then you find yourself also believing that you can do ALL THINGS through Christ that strengthens you. A clear understanding that the life you live now no longer belongs to you but to Jesus, has a way of making you confident that none of the limits that you previously encountered is able to stop Jesus.

This means that if previously you were convinced that you cannot earn ten times the income you have now, you will no longer feel that way because now you know that Jesus is able to do it in you. When you no longer believe that you are limited in a particular area of your life, you will start to experience new levels of success.

You can apply this truth to any area of your life that seems limited. Ask yourself if Jesus can overcome the limitation. If your answer is yes, then decide if Jesus want you to move in that direction. If your answer is yes again, then conclude that you will start taking steps to move forward and overcome whatever limits you had initially.

You may find things quite difficult and uncomfortable at first, but if you continue to remind yourself that you are no longer your own, and you belong to Jesus, you will experience victory. Living a life without limits is possible in Christ Jesus. Make up your mind today that nothing will limit ever limit you from now on. Surrender your life to Jesus. Ask Him to use your life for His glory. Tell Him you love Him and know how much He loves you. Do not hold back. Choose the life without limit today.

Your Turn! Are you living a life without limits?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to reading from you.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.

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  1. Thank you for explaining liitations Pst. This is the reason why we find ourselves blocked on the same spot not moving forward.
    It is also encouraging to identify the lie of the enemy to fight it. Most of the time we sit and do not fight, we QUIT. That time is OVER. Praise the Lord for freedom and a life with no limitation.

    1. Hey Alice,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes indeed. I praise the Lord with you for freedom and a life with no limitations. God bless you.

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