Can we expect revival in our days?

Sometimes I wonder if the Christianity we have today is the same as the one we read about in the book of Acts of the Apostles and the Letters of Paul in the Bible. I wonder why we do not see the miracles, the salvation of tens, hundreds and thousands of people at a time, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

I am hungry so hungry for the move of God’s power again in our days. I want to shout like Elisha, where is the God of Peter the Apostle, Paul the Apostle and even many other servants of God of not so many centuries back.

Why is our Christianity so barren? Why is it so weak? We go to church week after week and we feel some movement but these movements are so insignificant compared to the accounts we have read about in time past. Human beings have not changed, they are still as selfish as they have always been. The hearts of human beings are still desperately wicked. God has not changed. God cannot change. God is still ever so powerful, and able to move and do all that He wants. So why are there no spiritual births at our altars today? Why are there not being added to our congregations daily such as are being saved? Why are the sick not been miraculously healed? Why are the drug addicts not delivered from their evil addictions? Instead pastors are getting divorced, and brethren are falling into all sorts of sins. There is no fear of God in the believer, not to mention fear of God in the non-Christian.

Can we expect a revival in our days? Are we supposed to sit down and wait for God to bring down a revival? Or are we to cry out to God for revival? Are we supposed to be having BBQs and Tea Parties, when we have lost our power and we cannot feel God in our midst any more? Are we to celebrate the Pastors who have 20,000 members in their churches and yet a good percentage of them have no passion to bring others to Christ except a passion to go and hear the next motivational charge?

We need to be motivated. Motivational speaking is part of God’s purpose for us. But can we be satisfied with mere motivational charges when we have lost the power of God to change our society? It takes more than motivation to transform a city from sin and carelessness to holiness and love for one another. It takes more than motivational speaking to transform sinners to saints. It takes the Power of God.

As a pastor, I have seen that unless we have the power of God, we cannot do this work of God. It is impossible to convert souls by a brilliant discussion. Even if you succeed in silencing your hearers, it takes a little more than that to get a man or woman to completely abandon their lives to the hands of a God that they cannot see. It takes more than mere points from historical research to make an adulterer to see the poison in adultery and realize that he is on his way to eternal damnation. It takes more than PowerPoint projection and excellent vocals in musical presentations to get a young woman to decide that Jesus is everything to me. Dear brothers and Sisters, it takes the power of God. But my question still remains; can we expect revival in our days?

Has God abandoned us? Or have we abandoned God and decided to go ahead with the work without our Lord? Can we expect to see a revival if we continue the way we are going today? It is of no use to keep saying to ourselves in due time there will be revival. I feel that unless we change the way we operate, we will never see revival in Montréal in our days. Oh brethren, can’t you see that our religion is weak? Can’t you feel the lack of power from the pulpit and in the lives of professing Christians? Are you satisfied with praying for money to pay your bills when you can receive power to change nations that do not glorify God or allow for the progress of God’s created universe?

Can we see people crying out to God for salvation in our church services again? Or is that too much to ask? Can we see people rejoicing and dancing after spending time in the place of prayer as they realize that their sins have been forgiving? Can we see the blind receive their sight? Can we have all night prayers again? Can we have church meetings everyday of the week in homes and at schools and at work? Can we come to church at 10am and go home at 2.00pm and feel that the service was short? Can we still have 4 services in our church in one Sunday? Can we have revival again in our day?

I think the answer to the question is YES. YES we can have revival. YES, we can see tears of joy in repentance and sorrow over sins again at church. YES we can see Christians living victoriously over sin and condemnation. YES we can see the miraculous. However, we the people of God must pray. We must pray until we are broken, then we must keep praying until we hear God’s instructions, then we must continue to pray for strength to obey and make necessary changes, and then we must OBEY the Lord.

I do not intend to be like a man who sees his father’s house on fire and all he does is cry “daddy’s house is on fire! Dad’s house is on fire! On and on he keeps saying dad’s house is on fire without making effort to put off the fire. Brother we know that the house is on fire. We know that we need revival, we know that we are not united as a body, we know that there is sin in the pulpit, we know that the average Christian does not love God, instead he loves what God is doing for him or her. We know! What we need is not someone to tell us what we know. We need someone to join us to make a difference. Someone to spend time in the place of prayers, all night, all day and all week. We need people who will decide to live as examples and pray until God gives specific instructions to them that will bring revival. We don’t need messengers who will come to tell others what they must do. People will obey the Lord easily when they hear from the Lord. Will you join me to pray? Will you make a commitment to pray until you are revived? That is all that we need. We need many revived Christians and before you know it, all the churches in the city will be revived and non-Christians will begin to get saved.

This is not just a fancy post to make you feel good. This is a call for serious business with our God. Will you be committed to praying for yourself until you know that you are delivered from every known sin? Will you ask the Lord to reveal to you all the things that has blocked you from enjoying total victory? Will you pray until prayer becomes sweet to you? Will you pray that the Lord will make the scriptures to be open before you and easy for you to understand and implement? Will you join me to pray for personal revival? If your answers is yes, please start praying today and don’t stop until you are revived, don’t stop until you start seeing other Christians being revived around you and non-believers getting saved. Don’t stop until Jesus comes or you go to him. DON’T STOP.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.