Do what you believe you are called to do

As I grow older, I have realized more and more that it pays to do what you are called to do. No matter how hard it feels, no matter how much money and energy you may “loose” for not going with the crowd, if you continue until you succeed, it will be worth the effort.

A friend called me yesterday to mention that he wants resign from his 9-5 job to pursue his dream! As I listened to him, I felt joy in my heart because I know there are too many people today who are painfully working just to pay the bills.

Bills will eventually get paid if you do what you love and are not afraid to innovate along the way! You should try to become one of the best in what you love to do.

Limiting thoughts or vision killers 

The level of your success can be limited by the way you think. If you constantly review your thoughts to accommodate greater things and bigger solutions then you will find that you are growing in every way!

One thing I do these days is ask myself what thoughts am I entertaining that could be limiting my growth?

What do you think you can’t afford? What do you think is impossible? Who do you think cannot buy from you? What numbers do you consider too big? 

Nothing is impossible for God and nothing is impossible for those who believe!

Tackle one limiting thought this week! Decide to change your thoughts!

50 life lessons I have learned in my 40 years on the planet…

Birthday Cake with iPad
My Birthday cake – by Exortique Cakes

 When you turn 40 yrs old it means you have been living on the planet for 14,610 day. In those many days you should have learnt so many things as I truly have. Wisdom truly comes with age but not every one who has advanced in age is truly wise. I found out that there are some life lessons that stand out as I did this exercise. Here is what I did and the results are listed below.  I decided to meditate on my 40 years on earth and to write in one sitting 40 life lessons that I have learnt, the list has grown to 50 and there seems to be more. One neat thing I realized though is that as I read my list over, it felt like I was learning them again. Enjoy and please add to the list or leave a comment.

  1. God is real
  2. You get older whether you like it or not
  3. You have a lot to do with how you live your life
  4. Children teach you so much
  5. It’s a blessing to have a great spouse
  6. Formal education is overrated
  7. One little decision can change your whole life
  8. If you choose to be very authentic you get a lot of freedom
  9. You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy your life
  10. Money is good! You should have a lot of it.
  11. Loving people unconditionally is possible
  12. Being betrayed hurts and it lasts too long in your mind
  13. You can never know the true worth of great parents
  14. Prayer works
  15. If you know what you want, it so much easier to get it
  16. You can automate your income stream
  17. It takes a lot of discipline to learn to save money but it pays
  18. Hard work pays
  19. Self education is underrated
  20. Being busy does not always translate to progress
  21. Don’t let anything steal your joy
  22. Never give up – Just reevaluate
  23. Good ideas are useless without action
  24. Don’t depend on people – They usually fail
  25. Miracles happen if you believe
  26. Life is not fair
  27. If you pursue excellence you get much better
  28. Start Small, Stay Steady, Finish Strong or Big
  29. It’s great to have very good friends
  30. If you become a good friend to others you will have some amazing friends.
  31. No matter how small it is, there are people willing to pay for what you know
  32. Try your best not to live by what people think
  33. Ask lots of questions
  34. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  35. You can turn every challenge to a blessing
  36. There is always another way of seeing what you are looking at
  37. When you think you are done, try a little more
  38. Try not to say – Let me just sleep a little! You will most likely sleep a lot.
  39. Life is very thin. It can be over very quickly.
  40. Don’t hold too tightly to any material thing!
  41. It doesn’t take very long to be 40 yrs old.
  42. Watch what you think about – Be intentional with your thoughts.
  43. Really – You reap what you sow.
  44. If you are selling anything, just tell as many people as you see about it.
  45. People are not always as smart or foolish as they look.
  46. Try not to give the control of your happiness to anyone.
  47. You will fail other people so learn to forgive others and yourself.
  48. Never stop learning!
  49. Most people are too busy thinking about themselves to notice your pain
  50. God’s love is revealed through Jesus Christ.

Wow, what a long list! Each of them has a little story attached. It may be as simple as I read it in a book and I tried it or as complicated as I went through so much. The good thing is I have learnt these lessons and lots more. These have helped me to form some principles that I live by.


Daily Wisdom Quotes delivered to my inbox for one year!

happy-birthday-greeting-card-or-invitation-card-with-beautiful-gift-bag-tie_QJ9s0zAs a birthday gift to myself I have compiled a list of my best Wisdom and Inspirational Quotes to be delivered daily to my inbox for the next one year! These quotes are selected from various leaders and influencers and arranged to remind me of what I have learnt over the years. I believe that with these daily reminders I will be more productive and fulfilled this year and I look forward to documenting the impact.

The quotes in themselves are not enough,  but because I have determined to make this next year a special one, I believe they are a fantastic addition to my repertoire of resources to tackle the year!

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of Daily Wisdom Quotes! Get ready to share your story at the end of the year!

The interesting thing about motivation and wisdom is that knowledge is not enough! Action is needed. So with just a quote at a time, there is enough time to practice.

Join me today and start your journey to a more fulfilled life