Fathers day Report And Dami’s Birthday

Inside the Fathers day card

Father’s day is that day that you get to hear words of appreciation from your children and you offer similar words to your dad! This year Demi prayed a very touching prayer and I feel really blessed that God has given us such blessed Children. The idea of praying was suggested by Olu but the words were entirely his.

Demi also made me a card at school. Dami is not quite old enough to articulate his thought but today is his Birthday! Dami is 3 years old.

My Prayer is that these boys will grow to be such a great blessing to the Kingdom of God as they give their hearts to God and serve Him as Missionaries wherever the Lord will send them to. I believe that there is nothing better than building the Kingdom of God with our God given gifts and talents.

Front View of Father’s Day Card

Yellow Fathers day cardFather’s Day Outing – It was a day to also remember Montreal! We went for Lunch at St-Hubert!

Eating Chicken at St Hubert

Ade and the boys

Dami’s Bithday Party – Postponed to tomorrow after Church Service – He got this little cake in bed this morning. Demi got up before 6am to surprise his brother! Check out that smile!

Dami with Birthday Cake in Bed

Scripture – Hosea 1 -8 – I am reading through this book and I am amazed at the love that God has for us. The story of a man marrying a woman who continues to run after other lovers is heartbreaking! More so because we are the woman! We run after so many things, we give ourselves to other pursuits and forsake the one who loves us unconditionally! ┬áHosea 8:14 – Reminds me of the church – We have build palaces and forgotten our Maker! Oh God wake up your church!

Prayer – Dear Father, please make me to be always aware of my tendency to wander away after things and help me to always focus on you! Please wake up your church, we need you! We need your conviction and your power in our midst! We need to trust in you alone! Help us to see our folly and run away from building our palaces and focus on building your kingdom according to your pattern. I ask in Jesus Name!

Modern day rendition of the Hosea story – I found this on Youtube as I was reading the book of Hosea!