Limiting thoughts or vision killers 

The level of your success can be limited by the way you think. If you constantly review your thoughts to accommodate greater things and bigger solutions then you will find that you are growing in every way!

One thing I do these days is ask myself what thoughts am I entertaining that could be limiting my growth?

What do you think you can’t afford? What do you think is impossible? Who do you think cannot buy from you? What numbers do you consider too big? 

Nothing is impossible for God and nothing is impossible for those who believe!

Tackle one limiting thought this week! Decide to change your thoughts!

Slow and steady wins the race

Today as I was working and the church, I just realized again that the consistent effort to build our ministry center for the past year and half is paying off because we did not stop!

If you find a worth goal, and you are able to do just a little everyday, no matter how small the little is, after many days it looks like a lot! 

What are you going to do today to move you closer to realizing your goal or vision?

How to change your thinking! So your life can change!

Nobody will call you wise if your so called wisdom is not helping you! This site is all about taking Action!

Is it really possible for a person to change their life within one year or less? Can there be a clear difference between how your life is now and how it will be by this time next year?

The answer of course is a resounding Yes! I say yes because it has happened to me a few times already and I’m sure by this time next year I will be experiencing another life!

Having said that I’d like to say that the biggest obstacle to having a more fulfilled life is your thought! If you are willing to stretch your mind to think differently, you will start to have a different experience! If you are able to see that you have value and that people are looking for someone just like you to solve their problems and they are willing to pay you for it, you will begin to see opportunities which may lead to more income, more resources to do more, more options and the list goes on!

If you see yourself living a life that is free of the hustle and bustle of 9am – 9am jobs, see yourself working for yourself and choosing your own hours, see yourself married to your very good friend and living peacefully, you will start to have ideas and discover opportunities that will make these things a reality!

So how can you change the way you think?

1) Accept that you are unique and you have something to offer!

Start by reminding yourself that you were designed beautifully and as a result you always have something to offer! For a long time I assumed that everyone knew everything I know. I would wonder if anyone will learn much from what I had to say, but as I had more opportunities to speak, I have come to realize that there are so many things I know that other do not know and there are so many people who prefer to learn from me rather than from others. It is also true that there are many people who prefer to learn from other people and not from me. I have come to settle with the understanding that the number of people who would prefer my style of teaching or presentation are more than I can handle anyway. The same is true with you. There are more people who want what you’ve got than you can handle. Remind yourself of this truth often.

2) Frequent places that influence you positively!

Think about the fact that your thought are greatly influenced by your environment and consciously go to places that helps you think about the life you want to live! Personally I enjoy going to church meetings where people discuss about using the words of wisdom in scriptures for everyday life! It makes me think and believe that there is no limit in God! So I have no limit because I am in God! I also enjoy attending meetings or gathering where there are many people who are living the life I want to live in one way or the other. I like hanging out with friends who make me feel like working when I leave them.

3) Replace negative thought patterns with positive ones!

If you catch yourself thinking that you are stuck at your job, be quick to figure out a few reasons why you are not stuck! For example say – if I leave this job today, I may have to down size my apartment and give up my car but then I will be free! I’m not stuck, I’m here because I chose to be here! I’m working towards a goal and this is just one of the steps! Do this as often as you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern.

ThinkingKid4) Input lots of positive words into your mind!

Listen to success stories, listen to podcasts of people that are doing what you hope to do later in your life! Listen to music that lift you up! Call friends that are usually caring and positive! Read autobiographies and biographies of people that you admire and respect! I read all these and I also read the Bible everyday! The Bible helps me to believe in miracles and all the other books help to show examples of those miracles in the lives of people aground me. Read always!

5) Stop reading or inputting negative thoughts into your mind!

Reduce the reading of all the horrible things that are happening all over the world! As a principle I reads the news once a day just to know what is going on and to pray! I refuse to follow the news on CNN or other news media! Stop listening to negative people who only talk about how impossible it is to succeed. You should reduce the time you spend watching movies and shows on tv! Most of these shows only make you think of negative things! An ordinary person doing well and raising a good family will not make a good story for a movie! You find that many shows and movies will only reinforce some of your negative thoughts!  so you should spend time with families who will challenge your thinking!

6) Intentionally speak positive words to yourself and people around you!

When you speak what you know is possible rather than what you see or what others say about you, you are training your mind to accept the possibility of change. When I first started to speak publicly I was always careful to make positive statements about people because I was afraid that they would not take action and then blame me for it. However as I learned more about people and myself I have come to realize that there are many people who do not know that simply taking action today will change their lives so much. I do not hold back any more. If I see that you have potential for doing very well, I will say it to you and let you know that if you take action you will see results. I say it to myself too. Ade if only you will take action and write more books, record more podcasts, edit and post your videos you will reach more people and be more fruitful. Don’t hold back. Say positive things to yourself.

That is it for today! Till next time! Keep seeking wisdom. Remember that words of wisdom remain just word unless you act on them and let them act on you!

Feature image by James Jordan

Your Life Goals should be your priority

Making daily goals without having life goals is like driving faster without a map and hoping you will arrive at a good destination!

Stop making goals for the week or for the day if you don’t have lifetime Goals! If you want to become more effective and full of joy and peace, then the first thing you must do is map out where you are going! What is the benefit of being better at going in circles?

It is possible not to have a specific destination in mind but have a general direction and be as specific and clear about that direction as you can. Know where you don’t want to go, state what you know about how you want your life to end. Many years ago I participated in an exercise where we were asked to write what we would like to be written on our tombstone! Write you own epitaph! It was a very good experience because it helped me to know what I really had no business wasting my time with!

Take Action. Download this worksheet (An Interview with the ideal you! ) that will help you write down your lifetime goals. You will need a trusted friend but I tell you, it will move you and your friend forward!