The Revival we need by Oswald J. Smith

I can not get over this book. I have read it over and over again and I will recommend it to every preacher, every christian worker and indeed to every serious christian. In this 140 page book, Pastor Oswald J. Smith challenges the church to a revival based solely on prayers and preaching with the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was really helpful to read the entries in his diary as he began to cry out to God for personal revival and subsequently for revival in the church he was pastoring. When reading this book, one’s faith is stirred to trust God for a supernatural move of God in one’s ministry especially when you read about the hours and hours that Oswald Smith spent in prayers before the power of God began to move so much in his church.

The book is easy to read and he gives some interesting and challenging examples of how God had brought revival to several places at different times through various ministers. This books makes you want to cry out to God to do the same in your Church if you are a pastor.

I like this book also because it comes out of something that happens in Toronto Canada (being a pastor based in montreal, Canada.) You may read this book online using the link below or order a copy from amazon.