Stroke Recovery Journal – How I am doing now! 3 Months

It’s 3 months since I suffered a stroke. It happened on April 7th, 2017 and I am glad that I have recovered so much.

It’s amazing how God has helped me and my family too – I have not experienced any depression. Although there were days that I felt a little less energy and less motivated. In all its been one day of gratitude after another.

Good news

Today I was able to jog for the first time since the stroke. I have tried a couple of time but my right foot refused to follow instruction and after a few awkward motions, I stopped.

I tried jogging on the field, that was a bit better because although my right foot was always kicking the floor, it is softer and I could do that for a few more mins. All in all, it wasn’t smooth at all.

Today I was able to jog slowly but surely on concrete for almost 5 mins. You cannot imagine how happy I was. To be able to do the jogging motion smoothly and consistently for 5 mins is a major breakthrough for me. I give all the glory to God.

However, the jogging was very slow. I think I can walk faster that I was jogging. I really don’t care about speed right now. I’m just grateful to God that I can do the motion smoothly. I still kicked the floor a few time but nothing compared to how it was before. Every step was a kick to the floor.


As you may already know, I have been discharged by my occupational therapist. The new development is that my physiotherapy is now once a week. That does not mean that I don’t need physiotherapy anymore.

What it means is that I can supervise my own therapy and follow the exercises at home.

I visited the gym at Concordia University today. I plan on going there every day to do my exercises. My physiotherapist has given me some exercises to work on in a gym.

When I register tomorrow, it will be my first ever gym membership. The outdoors is still my preferred gym. Right now though, I need the machines.

How do I feel?

Emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually I feel very good. In fact, I am tempted to work as usual. But I discovered that when I push too much, I get very tired and my limbs seem to reverse what the could do.

This is the sign to show that I still need to take things easy and heal properly.

I am not speaking every week at church and I am not counseling people every day. I am able to speak from time to time and see people every other day.

What other areas need recovery?

These are too many to list. Nearly all my muscles are not yet at 100%, but they are getting better every day. Some are at 98% others at 89% and some are at 20%.

The main area that I am working on now is my right leg. I still need more strength to fold my leg backward and control the leg smoothly.

So I still walk with a limp but it’s so much better that how I was a month ago. The people I meet now, have no clue that anything was wrong.

Only the people who were close to me before the stroke would know that I had such a major health challenge.

Full Recovery

I am still very convinced that God has ordered full recovery for me. I am taking it in daily and enjoying it.

I am learning patience in the process and I a having a blast meditating on who God is and I have been sharing that on this site.


We have experienced God’s faithfulness financially. God has sent people to us and we have not lacked. Our God is a great God.

We are grateful to God for all the people that God has used and I believe that each one of them will experience overflow financially and otherwise.

Really we have not lacked anything.

How can you pray for us?

Give thanks to God for us. He is a faithful and loving father. Just rejoice in God on our behalf. Olu and the boys are doing well too. Please thank God for them.

You may also declare that God’s word over my life will spring forth speedy and that the new phase of my life that I am entering into will be a full manifestation of God’s will.

That’s it for now. Until my next update. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading up to this point. You are a blessing.