My child listen when your father corrects you!

proverbs 1:8

My child listen when your father corrects you.
Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.
What you learn from them will crown you with grace
and be a chain of honor around your neck.

Proverbs 1:8-9 – NLT

Isn’t  it sad how these words of wisdom do not seem to apply very much today? Fathers are no more seen as wise and mothers are no more regarded with much respect. I know that there are still millions of respectable and wise parents out there but there are also a good number or absentee dads and really troubled mums. The word today however still applies to us. Our true fathers and mothers as the people who love us and care about our future. People who have shown over time that they are willing to invest time and money in us. Not necessarily our biological parents.

The words of wisdom will therefore read like this.

My Child listen when the wise and caring people around you correct you! Don’t ignore their instructions. If the instructions are not clear, ask questions. What you learn will be worth a lot to you in the future.

I believe that for anyone to be successful and maintain success you must have people around you who have the authority and freedom to correct you and ask you the tough questions!

Wisdom Action – Find 3 – 5 people around you who can correct you and ask you the tough questions. Meet with them one after the other and thank them and let them know you appreciate them. If you don’t have these people, begin the process today of finding such people.  (A coach, A pastor, Mentor..)

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10 thoughts on “My child listen when your father corrects you!”

    1. Wise words Ryan! When we surround ourselves with wise people, they will not always let us remain within our comfort zone. We don’t really grow much without stepping out of our comfort zone!

  1. Wise words indeed!

    I think a big problem is that so many fathers ignore the command not to provoke their children to anger, which makes it difficult for the children to obey the command in the verse you’ve shared. It’s not an excuse, but truly, whose is the greater responsibility — that of the fathers? or of the children?

    It’s so important for us as parents to teach our children the wisdom in the scriptures, but even more important for us to obey ourselves, and not put stumbling blocks in our children’s way.

    My children are mostly grown now… only the youngest of our 7 children is still in the teaching and training stage. We are so blessed to have seen all of our children grow up to obey, honour and respect us, and also to walk in the ways of the Lord.

    Thank you for the words of wisdom!


    1. Thanks Willena, I find that the best way to teach wisdom is to live it yourself. I agree with you that if we are going to see our children respect us and learn the things they need to live successful lives, we need to step up, listen to and follow the wisdom of the Lord as recorded in scriptures.

  2. I really liked your rewrite of the words of wisdom. We can learn from everyone around us – It’s not just about learning from coaches, pastors or mentors – it’s also about learning from your daily life – your kids, your animals, your friends and even those people you find difficult to get along with. We can learn from everyone – we just need to have our eyes and hearts open to the messages.

  3. Each person has their own experiences and tidbits of knowledge they can pass down. I don’t see that happening as much as it use to. A lot of children I see are disrespectful. It’s kind of shocking.

    1. I agree with you Nile, children seem to be more disrespectful these days. You really can’t learn much from someone you have very little respect for.

  4. What an inspiring message it is for kids! I also tell mine to surround themselves with people who are positive and happy, that way, they uplift one another and continue to raise their vibrations with positive energies.

    1. Thanks Cherrie, the world will be a better place if we all choose to learn from wise people around us! Especially if the children will learn to choose the positive things from a young age.

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