Daily Wisdom Quotes delivered to my inbox for one year!

happy-birthday-greeting-card-or-invitation-card-with-beautiful-gift-bag-tie_QJ9s0zAs a birthday gift to myself I have compiled a list of my best Wisdom and Inspirational Quotes to be delivered daily to my inbox for the next one year! These quotes are selected from various leaders and influencers and arranged to remind me of what I have learnt over the years. I believe that with these daily reminders I will be more productive and fulfilled this year and I look forward to documenting the impact.

The quotes in themselves are not enough,  but because I have determined to make this next year a special one, I believe they are a fantastic addition to my repertoire of resources to tackle the year!

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of Daily Wisdom Quotes! Get ready to share your story at the end of the year!

The interesting thing about motivation and wisdom is that knowledge is not enough! Action is needed. So with just a quote at a time, there is enough time to practice.

Join me today and start your journey to a more fulfilled life


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