Dami’s Birthday Party & Fun Fair at J. G Simcoe

It’s been a busy weekend! We had a birthday party for Dami. The photos would have to tell the story!

Damilola smilingDamilola opens gifts
As you can see, he was happy! Praise the Lord for 3 happy years!

Demi – On Tuesday, we went to J. G. Simcoe – Demi’s School for a fun fair. It was fun for the boys and Demi’s face paint was scary! What is this? Maybe face painting does not really suit a brown skin. Think about it.   How many times do you go looking for a brown canvas to do a painting? So here is an opportunity for an artist to excel in painting little brown faces!

face painted

Horse Riding

IMG_6173 IMG_6178


Today’s Lesson – One thing I learnt today was that I am almost 14,000 days old. Wow… Counting your age in days can be an eye opener! I will talk more about this tomorrow!

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