Day 3 of 19 – 10k steps every day

Day 3 down – 16 days to go

I’m really enjoying my regular evening walk. Such a great time of prayers and meditation.

It took some discipline to go out today! I felt like staying indoors and working on the computer or reading my book!

I’m glad I went out!

Book reading challenge

I read book 2 out of 4 in Mere Christianity by C. S Lewis today! The book is divided into 4 sections called books:

Here are some of my thoughts as I read:

Jesus is in us. It is left to me to figure out that I am better off letting Him do more in me and through me! The more I learn to submit to Him, the more at peace I get, the more effective I become and more fulfilled I am!

The earlier I agree that I am not God, I can’t be God and everything I build outside God’s plan is useless, the better for me!

O Lord, open my eyes to see how futile it is to keep trying to impress you or other people. Help me to see the extraordinary potentials I have as a container of your presence, power, and glory!

Health update:

I had my physiotherapy appointment today. This is me working on one of the machines!

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