Day 5 of 19 – 10k steps daily 

Lesson of the day

I had a busy day today with Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy. I also had a prayer session today with some friends.

I did not read Mere Christianity at all today. All I had time for was the Bible.

One thought and prayer that I had on my mind all day is this:

There is so much in God that we miss out on. We miss out not because God does not want to bless us, use us or work with us. We miss out because we want to make God work with us on our own terms.

We want to tell God what job he should send us to, we want to tell God what country we should work in, we want to tell God what way he should do miracles. We find it too uncomfortable to just let God move in His own way.

We talk about Paul’s apron that healed folks but ignore his beatings and stonings

We talk about Peter’s shadow that healed the sick but forget the path he followed.

God will move through his body, but just like I am putting my body through rigorous training, so that I can control it fully, God would wait until we are fully under his control to move full speed ahead.

Lord help me! I want to be fully available to you.


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