Do your Part – day 3/38

Bible Reading: Today I read the book of Jonah and I was reminded that many times I am like Jonah. This may be true of many other believers too. We refuse to tell our neighbors or friends that it is dangerous to continue to live contrary to God’s plan. We may not want them to perish, but we forget that the Holy Spirit prompting us to speak to them has already prepared their hearts to receive this message!

Prayer: Oh God please enable me to speak clearly to someone about their need for you today and always. Holy Spirit let me sense your leading; I trust you to do the convicting. I pray in the name of Jesus.

Today’s Photo

J G Simcoe - Demi's school


Today’s Activities – Continued my Work out on the elliptical, Went to work, spent time in 2 prayer meetings, came home, played with Demi and Dami and went with a friend to see Star Trek on IMAX 3D – It cost $9 for tickets and Snacks because he had coupons. I liked the fact that in the movie one is encouraged to care for others and think of the greater good rather than just one’s personal interest. I also enjoyed how the need to balance logic with feelings was presented. In all I will say I enjoyed the movie and even more the fact that I got to spend time with my friend and his son.

Other Lessons – After reading about tumblr CEO David Karps, I read a few more stories about other young people making waves in their industries from Forbes. One thing that stood out for me though is that, it pays to know what you are gifted in or you have a passion for and spend lots of time on it. I hope to see Demi and Dami making some news as teenagers in whatever field God has designed for them.

Tornado – I am still trying to wrap my head around the speed with which the Tornado hit Oklahoma City yesterday and how much damage was done within such a short span of time. When things like this occur, it reminds me of how little control we have of things that happen around us. Oh Lord, may your peace and comfort and quick recovery be with all those that have been affected by this tornado.

Thanks for visiting! You are a blessing. Do your part!

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