Everybody is a genius – How do you discover your Genius?

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

ballonsI am [how-old-am-i] days old today! When I mentioned it to my son this morning (Sept 27, 2013 at 14,000 days) his response was “I’m fainting… help me daddy”  while pretending to faint! Yes indeed you feel very old when you count your age in days. Imagine I have gone around on the earth [how-old-am-i] times!  How old are you in days? Find out at the end of this post!

Are you a Genius? 

This is a really bold statement credited to Albert Einstein even though there is no clear evidence that he said it. I agree with the statement though, that there is something that you and I are designed to do that puts us head and shoulders above our peers. The problem usually is that what we are great at may not be valuable in the culture we are in or the season we are in. Wisdom therefore is being able to discern our inner genius and explore ways of using it so that we make our contribution to the universe! If you can find your “genius”, then it can always make a way for you to be rich! By rich i mean loved, respected, having more than enough resources and feeling a joyful! Here are 3 principles that can help you on your journey to discovering your “genius”.

1) Know the direction of your life

It is very important to have a clear vision of your destination in life! Believe that you are rich and choose to be happy and determine that as long as you have life given to you daily, you will be happy and rich! Choose to appreciate where you are now and believe that if you keep doing what you were designed to do, you will only have more resources to do more and you will continue to be happy! It is not always easy to choose joy over sadness and complaint, but if you start to practice gratitude you will start to find that it’s a much easier and fruitful habit. Check out the Gratitude blog for inspiration

If you do not believe that you have something to give to the universe, you are not convinced that you are a genius or that you have stuff in you that you probably do better than the majority of people around you in, it will be difficult to discover this. Many times its not a skill, it’s more often a desire, something you enjoy doing more than others. Something you can do over and over again until you become really good at. What makes you stand out is that you have an inner drive that is higher than most of the people around you to keep you going until you are really good!

So if you choose today a direction that you want you life to go based on your inner desires and inclinations, if you begin to dream big and bold, if you start to see yourself 20, 30 years down the line and it gives you inner joy and peace, then take hold of this dream. Write it down, develop it and you are on your way!

2) Take Steps towards making your dream or vision a reality

This will include learning – becoming wiser, finding wise people to mentor you, keeping your ears open for words that increase wisdom, trying to improve any skill you have discovered you have, being attentive to the way you like things to be done and how you learn.

Yes you need to keep trying! Sometimes it’s the place you least expect that your breakthrough would come from. In my post Action is the foundation key to all success, I mentioned my website that earns over $500 monthly. What I did not tell you was that when I made that website, it was just one page on the website that was responsible for 99% of the income that came from site. I then registered a new domain for the keywords for that site and the income grew to over $500.  Read more about  it here – Exploring Online Income (not updated in a while).  If you don’t keep working, you loose out on opportunities and you may never discover your inner “genius”.

3) Don’t let anyone judge you because you suck at climbing trees!

Another way to say this is that we all have something we are really bad at! Don’t try to prove that you are as good as anyone at everything. A wise person knows that there are a million things that they are not good at and it’s ok. What matters is finding what you are great at or better still what you enjoy learning to be great at and continue to learn and act until you discover it or something else you never even knew was there!

Wisdom Action

Try something new today – Check your traffic statistics like Ryan did and discovered that he has over 8,000 daily page views on his blog! Try writing a novel! Whatever is buzzing inside you that can help the people around you or build you up. Give it a try!

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How old are you in days?

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Add your Wisdom!

I know there is a lot more we can say about this quote? Please let us know what you think? Have you discovered any hidden genius in you lately? Is there a story that inspires you? Share with us!

14 thoughts on “Everybody is a genius – How do you discover your Genius?”

  1. 3 great steps to work on.. If you don’t have direction, who knows where you’ll end up! and of course if you have no plan, well we know what happens with that!! And as for figuring out what you are great at, you might have to find out what you ‘suck’ at first, but its all part of the plan of getting where you want to go!! Great post, Ade!

  2. What great words of advice Ade!

    I believe we all have that inner genius. We do need to look deep inside ourselves to find our direction. Sometimes through life we go one direction and while learning, find that we can also branch off to something bigger that we never thought of.

    But once we are happy with what we are doing, then we need to persist. And yes, learning will never end! If we enjoy what we do, we will also have that hunger to learn more. I think that is what keeps me young lol.

    But most of all, never ever allow anyone to judge you! That can just put your journey to a dead end. I know, people do say things to me all the time because I have my own business. I don’t let it affect me at all because I am happy doing what I do. If they cannot see that, it is their problem not mine!

    Thanks for the wonderful post and I am so glad to meet you on B3!


  3. I loved the age calculator – really creative – and I’m with your son – ready to faint – when I looked at how many seconds old I am 🙂

    An inspired quote too – one we should keep front and center – I have a difference of opinion on your 3rd point – I don’t think we can ever stop others from judging us – but it’s what you do with that information that matters – and even more importantly – it’s learning to ignore that dragon on your shoulder telling you “you’re suckky at climbing trees and therefore you’re stupid” We’re all far harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be. – Great post

    1. Thanks Marty,

      You helped me phrase my thoughts properly! Yep it should have read, don’t let other peoples judgement of you affect you even if it is true that you are particularly weak at something! I really appreciate you jumping in to add your wisdom to the discussion.

  4. Ade, you are amazing with allowing all of us this exciting chance to see how old we really are in days. This is a tool I would love to have and if you get a chance send me the address I would appreciated it.

    Now, as with dreams or visions reality I am with you all the way. If one wants anything write it down. Then take time to think about 3 things you can do to make you closer to achieving what ever it is. Now just do those things and watch it manifest. The how’s do not matter it is all about visions, actions that are balanced with that vision. Your surroundings as though you have it. You attitude with belief in your abilities.

    The fundamentals is all that you need to know. To many people over analyzed things and never accomplish anything. There is the huge problem.

    Thank you so much I am all excited about that tool. I do apologize yet that is amazing.

  5. Well, I have to tell you, Ade, you are a mere boy compared to me. I am a whopping 22,058 days old today!!!

    When I was 16, I could never have imagined being 60 years old and still floundering as to my direction in life. The problem is, I have too many interests, and I cannot pursue all of them. The answer may be in combining several of them, but still, I will continue to founder like a fish out of water until I determine what my purpose is, and clarify how it is to become a reality.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom today. 🙂


    1. Hi Willena, you sure have many more days than I do and more experiences and words of wisdom I believe! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      I hope that as you continue to seek to streamline your activities, you will find a way of finding one stream that all your other interests can feed! We had a great webinar today about turning dreams into reality!

  6. Hi Ade. Well I learned that I am 23,516 days old! I rock! I enjoyed this article very much, Ade. The human mind and spirit are amazing. And you are right. Each of us is given one or more gifts, and it’s our job to find it and expand on it. And no one gift is better than another. A person who can’t play the piano might be good with animals. Someone who is not a great public speaker might be able to turn out a great loaf of bread every time. I think sometimes we belittle the gifts we have been given, but true genius is discovering our gifts and developing them to the fullest. Albert Einstein might have been a mathematical genius, but he didn’t have much fashion sense! Thanks for a thoughtful post.

    All the best,

    1. Yes Leslie! You Rock! Many more day of learning and increasing wisdom! Thanks for dropping by. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I enjoyed reading your comment too! Especially about Einstein’s fashion sense :)!

  7. I totally agree that everybody is a genius. I believe we’re all here for a purpose and that we have a gift of some sort to share with the world . . . to serve the world. We’re all unique and we all need to find that uniqueness or gift or purpose or genius and then live it. By the way, I’m 17375 days old :).

  8. Hi Ade,
    that quote by Albert Einstein is a great way to remember that we don’t have to be good at everything.
    You have given great suggestions for exploring what we can and want to do.
    I also appreciate the links you provided.

    Thank you for the food for thought!

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