Fish Pond Costs


 It’s Friday again! This is the day I give you reports about our cat fish pond experiment. It’s been a very quiet week. All we did this week is fix a leak on the pond – It cost N9,100 and waited for it to dry up. Then we started filling up the pond. It should be full by the end of day today. Ok let me give you the costs up till date.

Dimensions – The Fish pond is a surface concrete tank. This means the bottom of the tank is above the ground level. We chose this because it makes it easy for us to change the water in the tank. It is 3m wide by 6m long and 1 meter high. This means the tank would contain about 18,000 litres of water. We intend on stocking 500 cat fish in this tank.

  1. 300 blocks @ N140
  2. 20 bags of cement @ N1350
  3. I trip of sharp sand @ 7000
  4. I trip of plaster sand @7000
  5. Mason charges – N32,000
  6. Cost of pumping water – N2,000
  7. Gravel estimate -N3,000
  8. Plumbing – N3,000
  9. Total – N123,000

We did not buy gravel because we had some gravel left over that we had used for a previous job. We also saved on water cost because we have a bore hole on site. All we paid was the cost of fuel for the generator to pump the water into the overhead tank. We had previously invested N150,000 to get the borehole installed. Take note that this pond is on the same site where our church is located. We decided to sponsor the installation of the bore hole and use it for a fish pond as well so that we can maximize the cost of the bore hole. I am not sure if this will be cost effective if we just installed the borehole solely for the purpose of one fish tank of 500 fish.  This way our church did not have to worry about getting the bore hole, they just built the toilets and the water was available to serve both.

Time – It took about 4 days to complete the building of the tank, with one mason and 3 helpers. Once the tank was constructed it took about one week to fill up the tank because we had only a limited time to pump the water. After about 8 days we came to our fishpond and the tank was half empty. There was a big leak at the base of the tank. Hence the need to fix it.

The Leak – The leak came as a result of improper plaster of the corners of the interior of the tank. We called another mason who broke the previous plastering, used water proof cement and made a slope around the inner corners of the tank instead of a sharp 90 degree joint. We hope there will be no more leaks.

Anther reason for the leak was that we did not plaster the exterior of the tank. Now that is also plastered.

Treatment – We are now treating the pond for the next 21 days with chicken manure. I am yet to research the scientific reasoning for this. I will get back to you with that next week.

That’s my report for now. Till next week.


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