Follow God’s Instructions – 9/38

Scripture – 1 Kings 12 & 13 – The Story of the Man of God in 1 Kings 13 always saddens me whenever I read it. I am always troubled about the downfall of such a promising young prophet. I guess it troubles me because I can easily see myself falling into the same error as the unfortunate young prophet. I have been reminded of the lesson – LISTEN AND OBEY GOD: When in doubt, ASK GOD not others.

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 Daily Activities – I spent a good portion of the day working from home. I try to take one day during the week to work from home and not have any meetings. I study, pray, work on my computer, write some emails and then I go to the office for 4pm. I have finally received my ipad case that I bought from Amazon. It was very cheap and I never thought it would be so good. Really for the price, its a great deal.

Prayer – Oh Lord, I receive grace right now to always learn to listen to you. Help me not to get too carried away and start listen to other “more experienced” people. As I desire more of you, let me be more aware of your voice.

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