God is Great – Talk to Him more – 11/38

Scripture – 1Kings 15-18 – I read the story of the Kings who did evil in the sight of God and then about the widow who obeyed the words of a prophet and was blessed. Then I read about the prophet Elijah who prayed and God answered by fire.  One thing that I have to investigate though is where did the people get so much water to pour on Elijah’s sacrifice? If water was so scarce, then I can only imagine what the people would have been thinking as Elijah wasted the water on the sacrifice! I think as believers we really need to believe in God more and pray more and take more hold of what we are and have in God through Christ Jesus.

Interesting StoryWet Pants –  I read this story again today and I was blessed again. It is really important to know how to empathize with others.

Daily Activites – I was able to connect with 2 of my neighbors today. I hope they come home for dinner on Sat!

Interesting Image –  (Courtesy – iWordsofWisdom.com)


Prayer – Oh Lord, please open my spiritual eyes to see you more clearly. I know that the more I know you, the more I am transformed to be more like you!

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