God Loves You

God loves youIt is not very unusual to find someone who finds it hard to believe that God loves them. In my almost ten years of serving as a pastor and many more years in Christian leadership before then, I have found that many Christians do not believe that God loves them. They may not find it difficult to believe that God loves everyone (general) but they find it difficult to imagine that a Great and good and holy God can love a looser, sinner or failure like them. Many times these kind of thinking is simply an outflow of their past experiences. The bible makes it clear that GOD LOVES YOU.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom 5:8 NKJ)

It does not matter how you feel right now. The truth is that God loves you. He loves you enough to demonstrate it by sending Jesus to die in your place. God’s love is not dependent on how bad you are or holy much effort you put into being nice. It is not a function of how many times you go to church or how many times you have missed the worship service. God’s love has no conditions and has no end. All over the Bible, God continues to make it clear the He loves His children and you are one of them.

God loves you because God is love (1John4:7-8). He will always love you because that is who He is. You need to remind yourself always that if God could demonstrate His love towards me when I was still in sin, then surely He will always be willing to demonstrate Hos love now that I believe. Speak to yourself. Say “God loves me. He loves me very very much”. God cares about you. God is interested in making you become the best that you can be. Thank God for loving you. Thank God that He would always love you. That His love is constant regardless of your mistakes. Remind your brothers and sisters in Christ of God’s love.

There are many other scriptures that tell you that God loves you – John 3:16 and many more. I will update this post at a latter time to add some other scriptures that say the same thing. Please share your comments and thoughts.

Remember that:

  1. You are a child of God.

Author: Ade

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