God Loves You!

Happy New year! I give thanks to God for granting you the grace to see the beginning of another year! I believe that this year like all the past years since I surrendered my life to Jesus will be far more glorious than the past years! May you enjoy all that GOD has prepared for you in Jesus Name!

This year I would like to use this blog to remind myself and you my readers of all the blessings we have as Christians!You may have discovered that you suffer not necessarily  because of what the enemy is doing to you or because of some hideous sins in your life but mainly because you do not know or you forget who you have become in Christ. We easily forget the value of the work on the cross to us. We keep hoping for what we  already have and keep praying to God to do what is in our power to do in Jesus Name.

In my posts, I will present a scriptural reminder of who we are and what we have in Christ. Read them, confess them and apply them. This year will be so gloriously different if you spend 5 mins daily just reading, confessing and acting on these words daily.


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 NKJ)

This is one of the first verses I committed to memory as I was growing up, however it took a long while for me to grasp the full meaning of this precious verse and I think there is still more to learn from this verse that I will learn later on.

Today I want you to understand that God loves you (put your name here). He loves you more than you can ever know or imagine! You are precious enough for him to give His all to you. God does not love you because you are good or because you are strong.  God loves you because God made you and He is love. You don’t need to struggle for God’s love, care or attention. You always “catch God’s eyes”.

This message became very real to me in my university days when I was struggling with the idea of abandoning my career as an Engineer to become a preacher of the Gospel. One day during my struggle which went on for several months, it dawned on me that God loves me more that I can ever love myself. I relaxed and chose to trust God with my life. It’s been a very peaceful ride with God since then when it comes to career, where to live and things of that nature.

God loves me more than I can imagine!

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thanks for loving me so much! Thanks for caring about me and setting me free from the bondage and consequences of my sins! Help me to always remember how much you love me and to trust you with all my life.

Share your thoughts!

How did you become aware or more aware of God’s unconditional and unrelenting love? I would love to read from you. Leave a comment below!

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A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.

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