God uses whatever we offer to God

Daily Activity – It’s amazing how the hours in a day just seems to zoom by! I went to bed quite late last night (close to 2am) and as you may already know, my week days always start about the same time (6am). Needless to say, it was a long day! Some of the day’s activity included, meetings with 3 people, visit to Bath correctional institution, Lifegroup meeting, home visit of one of our church family members who has been absent from meetings.

Lessons – After my visit to the prison today as a volunteer, I realized again that there is no amount of time or money too much to invest in the spiritual welfare of the children around us! If we as a society will take more interest in building Godly children, we all will be better off! The cost of keeping people locked up is too much, but even more, the cost to the victim of crimes is so far reaching the ripples seem never to end!

Scripture – 2 kings 1-3 – The power of God is still available for us today! One key to seeing God move is obedience to God and an expectation of the miraculous. As the church depends more on planning and skills instead of praying and submission to the will of God, our success on the spiritual plane becomes more limited! We may still have “great” meetings but no true move of God!

Today’s Photo

This is a photo of Demi and Dami at Demi’s school! Dami really enjoys going with his brother to the playground before school starts at 8:30am



Dear Father, I want to see you lifted up in our city, our church family and our nation! Please continue to give us the grace to invest in our children and for me to boldly allow your power to flow through my life!

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