Good Friends are priceless

Good friends have always been hard to find, but then people worked hard to find and keep them! I find that today, most of us don’t really care about finding good friends!

You may have 1000 friends on Facebook and non is a real friend! Who is a real friend? Someone who can be honest with you! Who can challenge you sometimes, celebrate you at other times but desires the best for you at all times!

Do you know that many married couples are not friends? Who is your friend? How friendly are you? What have you done lately to build and maintain your friendships?

This is my word of wisdom for today!

2 thoughts on “Good Friends are priceless”

  1. Hi Dems!

    When you mention friends on Facebook, sometimes it surprises me how many real friends I have made. Once someone said something inappropriate on a post I syndicated on Google+ So a friend posted it on Facebook.

    Now this stuff doesn’t bother me, I just block, and report an inappropriate comment (and this one was a doozy) So anyway, She posts on Facebook what this guy had said about me and within an hour over 50 people came to my “rescue.” They were more upset than I could have been.

    So yes, I would say my friends are priceless online. I’ve made very good relationships with people and would do the same for them.

    It is a blessing to know people all over the world and communicate with them and even count on one another.


  2. Thanks Donna,

    I won’t doubt that you have real friends online! You have already shown yourself as a friend even within the short time I have known you and I can only imagine how it is with those you have known much longer! I hope more people will place more value on finding and keeping true friends.

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