Happy children’s day

We had lots of fun today playing with the children at church and in the community! It was very nice to see the children happy! 

The day started early because we had asked a furniture maker to come fix some curtains at home and he was at our gate by 7:30am! 

One thing I learnt today is that many people do not know why they are broke! As leaders we must help them to discover what negative attitude or habit is responsible for their poverty! This applies especially when there are many people around who are rich! During our children’s day event today as I spoke with one of the men it became apparent that he did not know why he was broke Ebenye though he is a university graduate. He blamed others for his lack of success! This is also another reason for his lack.  

This applies to me too! Unless I recognize the things that are keeping me at this level and work hard to change than, I will remain in this position! So I have made up my mind to make some changes in my life. One of them is to ensure that I post on my blogs at least once a week! That is to consistently apply myself to writing!

Anyway enjoy some of the Children’s day photos 





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