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I have finished reading Mere Christianity by C S Lewis. It was a very good read. I recommend the book to anyone who want to have a more intellectual understanding of Christianity.

His explanation of the Trinity is quite intriguing and I enjoyed reading it.

I found the quote above very thought provoking. It has made me reflect on my desire to be with Jesus! To see Him as He is. To bask in the glory of the Father forever.

When you think of heaven, do you think of being with God or escaping hell?

This is another quote that caught my attention. The goal of Christ for the believer is to be a son of God – exactly like Christ, with the life of GOD flowing through him or her.

We have a choice because God gave us free will and we can choose to allow the life of God explode through us and bring us to perfection or we stay as eggs and die. Many times we are so comfortable being eggs, we resist the Spirit of God who wants us to be birds.

Am I ready to allow God break away all the protection I have around me so that He can take me to the next level?

Reading Mere Christianity has sparked a curiosity in me to read the autobiography of C.S Lewis called Surprised by Joy.

However the next book I plan to read is The Jesus I never knew by Philip Yancey.

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