How can we win our city for Jesus?

The last couple of days have been rather interesting. I have been spending time to pray and study the Bible some more. I have been learning more and more how weak I am with regards to winning the city of Montreal for Jesus. However, the Lord has been faithful in providing ample encouragement both in the place of prayers and in my life and my family.

Today’s service was great as usual. Wonderful time of worship and fellowship, however we had new new converts joining the church. This bothers me sometimes, hence the lessons I have been learning over the past week. IT IS ONLY THE LORD THAT CAN DRAW PEOPLE TO HIMSELF. I am not ready at this time to explore this notion in depth but I am seeing with more clarity that we can only speak plainly and honestly. We can only appeal to the consciences of the people, it is the Holy Spirit that applies the words and used them to draw people to Him.

I am still looking forward to the time that I would be able to say that the Lord is adding to our church or congregation daily such as are being saved. Will it Happen? YES! I BELIEVE AND I AM CONVINCED that that time is already upon us. I will continue to pray so that the Lord would purge me and cleanse me and teach me how to fish for men. I am of the opinion that the more I am broken, the more the Lord works on me, the more i am filled with His Spirit, the more people would be touched by God. Jesus must have all the glory and as long as I am in the way, the result will be minimal. Dear readers, please pray along with me for more of His power, more of his leading and that I will be filled COMPLETELY always with the Holy Spirit.

Our cell groups are doing very well. 3 cells and people are beginning to bond. They are getting committed to themselves and somehow to the vision of winning the city for Jesus. I praise the Lord for showing us the secret of the cell groups. We have a cell leaders training on Saturday 26th. I am so much looking forward to it.

Well this has been so long already. I need to submit a proposal for my class on Pauline literature tomorrow. Olu is working 9am – 9.00pm. We need a baby sitter to take care of Demi from 5.30pm – 9.00pm.

By the way – the African cup of nations is going on now in Ghana – I wonder who will win it. I am not as current with soccer as I used to be. I hope i get to watch one of the matches.

Till next time. Keep the fire burning. Our GOD is a GOOD GOD.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.