Howdy From Plattsburg, USA

Yeah..its been a while since I blogged. Well since the last time I have been occupied with my darling’s birthday. It was a quiet birthday. She had an exam which she passed very well and in the evening we went out for dinner. She loved her gift but you have to ask her to tell you what it was. Since then I have finished my exams and I can’t wait to begin my M.A in January.

Well I am doing this from plattsburg where we came for a 3-day vacation. I wish it was for one week. Well maybe next time we can take 7 days off to relax. It’s been a great time. The really good part is just the change of location and change of routine. I am sure after one week I would want to get back to my wonderful church family in Montreal.

We met Rev Bruce of the Northern Alliance Church in Plattsburg. We had a good time sharing and praying. Praise God for the family we have in Christ Jesus.

Our Son Demi became 1yr old on Dec 15th. We had a little party for him at church on Sunday. I have one or two pictures. I may add others later.

Author: Ade

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