It takes repentance to have revival – 10/38

Scripture Р1 Kings 14 and 15 РWe have been praying for revival in our city for several years now so reading about the revival during the reign of King Asa is a source of encouragement. If there is going to be revival, there must be repentance. Every thing that is not initiated or sustained by God must go; there are no sacred cows. King Asa had to removed his mother Maacah from being Queen Mother in obedience to God. Nothing is too important/insignificant to ignore. If it does not please God, then it must go. It does not matter if others are doing the same thing, or its been going on for years. If we want the power and the joy of our God, then we must obey Him fully. You may need to break a long standing relationship, or even have a change of career or need to repent for a sin that was committed over 10 years ago.  If the Holy Spirit is drawing your attention to it. Do it.

Daily Activities – I had a rather busy day. It started with 2 prayer meetings as usual and ended with a visit to a family friend. Nothing extraordinary happened. Yes I got an idea about making a video about our prayer meeting for Senior Pastors in Kingston. This will be one of my summer projects.

Prayer – Dear Father, please open my eyes to see all the areas of my life that needs a change. Grant me the grace to repent and make things right. I want to live in constant and spontaneous obedience to your words. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name I pray.

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