It takes too much energy to always suspect the people around you.

I have always known that there are a few ways to look at a cup and it’s content. Many of us are aware that we could say it is partially full or partially empty depending on your perspective. Lately however, since I have been spending more time in Nigeria, I have become more aware that the major problem for so many people is not wether the cup is partially full or empty but whether the content is genuine or fake, poisonous or safe or it’s just a trick.

In an environment where you are almost forced to suspect everyone that you meet with some suspicion, lots of energy is wasted. I find myself having to calculate wether it’s worth my time suspecting the plumber, carpenter, mason, electrician, fellow pastors, church members with suspicion. I have come to the conclusion that no. I choose not to live like this. I will give everyone the benefit of doubt. I will trust them with money, materials as much as I can. I will ask the Holy Spirit to help me discern how to proceed and if I don’t get any promptings from the Holy Spirit I will proceed with the individual. What I am saying in essence is that instead to troubling my head to trust people, I will simply trust the Holy Spirit who know all things to warn me if there is any danger and I determine to obey without disrespecting the other person.

There is surely another side to the coin and that is what get’s to me the most. People treat you with suspicion as well. Imagine you making great effort to be a blessing and all that the other person is thinking about is “I am sure he is doing all these so that he can make more money”. What a shame. What a waste?

Lesson – Don’t waste so much energy thinking evil of others! If you notice that you are always suspecting the people around you of wrong doing, wrong or evil motives or evil then take it from me, you are wasting a lot of energy. Learn to think the best about people. Treat them like you would like them to be (and how you would like to be treated) and you will find some very precious people. They may make mistakes but they would be like gold. Over time, I have found such people and I am grateful to God for them.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.

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