Life after a stroke

Once you have experienced a stroke you become a new person! You can never undo the effects of a stroke on your personality! However you can be blessed to recover fully from a stroke physically! 

You may be wondering what are the feelings that go with stroke and how have I been coping with them? I don’t know what other people’s feelings are. I know mine and I’ll try to share some with you over the next couple of days. Who knows I may be able to share them all in 2 posts?

So there are different kinds of feelings! I have read that lots of people go into depression after a stroke. I can understand why! I have not been depressed but I can easily see how a person can be depressed! 

When you suddenly can’t do what you could do naturally without thinking it can be very frustrating! Sometimes I have had to let go of doing a few things because of the trouble involved. I have chosen different clothes, put my wrist watch on a different hand and decided not to get a book or my phone because of the stress of getting it. 

I have not had to battle any feeling for a long time! However I have had to deal with the disappointment of waking up some days and I’m not yet back to my previous physical health! 

When I was in the hospital I believed that I would be restored fully in 2weeks – 3 weeks! I was making lots of gains but 2 weeks came and I was still far from it. Okay maybe 3 weeks – No it was not to be. Okay I will take another week! One month and I’m not yet in my previous physical condition. So it has been a challenge. Now I’m hoping that by the end of this month I will be fully restored! 😀.

Okay that is the challenge I’m talking about! Because I do not have a word from God about time, it is hard for me to say for sure that by May 30th I will be fully restored! Anyway there is absolutely no reason to refuse to hope for the best!

I’ll trust God for that birthday present! To be able to walk well by my birthday! The father knows best! I trust fully in His wisdom! I know He has already made all things perfect! I’m just learning patience and trust.

So that’s one feeling I’ve had to deal with and that’s how I’ve been dealing with it!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the wonderful moms in my life! I’ve seen and experienced your love more these past month than ever before! 

May the Lord continue to fill you with joy and grace in Jesus name. 

Happy Mother’s Day to Olu the only mother in our home!

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