Your Life Goals should be your priority

Making daily goals without having life goals is like driving faster without a map and hoping you will arrive at a good destination!

Stop making goals for the week or for the day if you don’t have lifetime Goals! If you want to become more effective and full of joy and peace, then the first thing you must do is map out where you are going! What is the benefit of being better at going in circles?

It is possible not to have a specific destination in mind but have a general direction and be as specific and clear about that direction as you can. Know where you don’t want to go, state what you know about how you want your life to end. Many years ago I participated in an exercise where we were asked to write what we would like to be written on our tombstone! Write you own epitaph! It was a very good experience because it helped me to know what I really had no business wasting my time with!

Take Action. Download this worksheet (An Interview with the ideal you! ) that will help you write down your lifetime goals. You will need a trusted friend but I tell you, it will move you and your friend forward!


6 thoughts on “Your Life Goals should be your priority”

  1. Ade, great post! I remember being told many years ago that life is like a car journey, if you don;t know where you’re driving to then you will go nowhere. Thanks for the reminder :).

  2. Hi Ade, great post and I do like the way you have shared this although do feel without the bigger goals and plan, daily goals have no foundation. Love your worksheet by the way…thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally agree and I’ve taught this as well. It’s SO essential to have a bigger vision and know where you’re going before you set out smaller goals. That way, you move in the direction you want to move in. If you don’t know where you’re going and you just set random goals each day or each week, you don’t really get anywhere!

  4. Ade,

    Great post. It is so important to have long term goals and I like the way you suggested that they don’t have to be totally specific, just know the direction. I have achieved many of the goals that I set for myself by writing them on paper and then allowing life to lead me in the appropriate direction.

    Often people give advice to set up rigid daily schedules but I don’t choose to live my life that way, so that is part of my goal setting – exactly how I want to live each day as I strive to achieve my goals.


    Dr. Erica

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