Your life is hidden with Christ in God!

For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. –  Colosians 3:3 [NKJV]

Yesterday we looked at a text that said that Christ is in you and today we see that you are in God! So you may ask “Am I in God or God is in me?” The answer is YES!

Christ is in you and you are in Christ! God is in you and you are in God! There are other scriptures that teach us this truth! However today I simply want to remind you that your life is precious in God’s sight! You are hidden with Christ in God. God is all around you. There is nowhere you can go that God isn’t. Even in your thoughts, God is there. I once heard someone say that when you place a vessel (bottle or cup) in the ocean, then you can say the ocean is in the bottle and the bottle is also in the ocean.Night in Malacca 

Let this truth give you boldness to live totally surrendered to God! Let it assure you of God’s protection! The enemy (Satan) cannot touch you without God’s permission. Nothing can cause God’s plans for your life to be derailed unless God allows it! You are highly protected.

Take note that when we talk about your life, we are talking about the new life you received when you believed! The new life that you received when you were united with Christ and reconciled to God! The old life is dead! You are no longer a slave to sin and the enemy! The slave is dead and a prince or princess has been born. This new life is hidden with Christ in God!

Rejoice! There is no reason to be worried or anxious! Your life is hidden with Christ in God! All you need to do now is stay tuned to God’s instructions and enjoy life in the Kingdom of God!


Dear heavenly Father, Thank you for hiding my life with Christ in you! I am secured in you! I trust that you will bring out the best in me! Have your way glorious king! Teach me and lead me always! Help me never to stray away from your counsel! I ask all these in Jesus Name.

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