Loss of Wisdom! – How we loose wisdom by having more Rules

In this TED Talk, Barry Schwartz reminds us of how the need to prevent disaster is leading many organisations and communities to settle for mediocrity. I have often wondered why people are becoming more and more mechanical in the way they respond to life situations. Why are there fewer wise people? Why are we not encouraged to seek wisdom? This Talk nails it on the head! This is a generation built on Rules and Incentives! When we ignore morals, virtue, empathy we also through out wisdom even if that wasn’t our goal. These are words of wisdom that I think every teacher, parent, leader should hear.

Another Talk by Barry Schwartz on Practical Wisdom

This a similar talk with new stories that illustrate the difference between following the rules and truly choosing wisely. I really enjoyed the stories about how Practical Wisdom can be used in various sectors of the community. Let’s continue to seek and practice wisdom.

Some Quotes from this Video

  • Wise people know when and how to bend the rules
  • A wise person bends rules in the service of others
  • According to Aristotle, Practical wisdom is the moral will to do the right thing and the moral skill to figure out what the right thing is.
  • People want to have the permission to do the right thing
  • Aristotle believed that Practical Wisdom is the key to happiness.
  • To work well and to love well needs wisdom
  • There is no substitute for wisdom