You have been made righteous by Jesus Christ

 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.  – Romans 5:19 [NKJV]

Isn’t it great to know that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross does not only take care of our past sins? It also makes us into righteous people. We are made righteous by receiving the gift of righteousness from Jesus. As long as we remain in Christ and Christ is in us, the life of Christ in us continues to work out this righteousness in our experience. 

It’s true that when you received forgiveness and rejoiced in your salvation you felt clean and fresh only to discover that temptations don’t go away and worse still you still fall into sin! This can be quite devastating at first but you soon learn that there is provision for that also. The blood of Jesus cleanses you from every sin all the time and we can always confess that we have sinned and receive cleansing. Is that all? Will you have to keep on sinning and receiving cleansing all your life? Many say yes and they are right in one way but there is also another provision. We can have victory over sin. You don’t have to live a defeated life. You can have victory over sin. However because there is a learning period and growth involved you will find that you will need to receive cleansing all along the way but not for the same sins.

The scripture today shows us that although we were born sinners we can be made righteous through Jesus Christ. Which means that as you allow the righteousness of Christ to grow in you, you will also experience victory over sin and the devil. Temptations will not go away but the life of Christ in you will rise up to overcome these temptations as you learn to allow this life to manifest in you!


Dear heavenly Father, thank you for making me righteous through Christ Jesus! May your righteous life in me continue to increase until it is all of you and none of me! Oh how I long to enjoy the righteous life that you have given to me and display your glory every where I go. I receive grace to live in righteousness today and always.

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