Mercy and Truth – Fruits of a wise heart!


Today my post is not about wisdom, instead it is about the fruit of wisdom. This is another word of wisdom that I believe can easily be overlooked. When I think of mercy and truth as twins, I think of the balance between having mercy and applying the truth or the law or justice. A wise person must know when it is better to let things go and when it is better to apply punishment for wrong done! Also a wise person must always be in search of the truth!

If you are seeking to be wise then you must not be afraid to search deeper than what is apparent to see if there are deeper meanings, other intentions, alternate approaches to a situation and so on. The quote above talks about binding mercy and truth around your neck and writing them on the tablet of your hearts – in other words, let them be as close to you as you can imagine. Be known as a merciful person. If the person is truly repentant (there is truth again) be ready to forgive, be quick to understand the weaknesses of the people around you. Give them some slack when dealing with them and at all times be attentive to the facts that present themselves.

I am always dealing with people and from time to time they mess up. It’s wisdom that teaches you to say, that’s okay, I know you did not mean to mess things up. If however you have not been attentive to the truth about the person, you will assume that they were out to mess you up and you loose favor with them. You also take a wrong decision and loose favor with God!

Mercy can also be referred to as kindness! If you want to excel in life, have favor and the high esteem of people around you, be kind to them. Be kind to your co-workers, to the cleaners at your workplace, to the cashier at the grocery store, be kind to the politician, the police, to everyone. Be merciful! Be Kind! Be Wise! It frees your mind up to think of much more profitable things. It makes people want to support you! It makes people send love thoughts toward you! And of course prayers to God on your behalf. I pray and give thanks on their behalf  when I use gifts given to me by friends and family.

Dear Friend – Remember to bind Mercy and Truth around your neck! Be wise, take heed to this words of wisdom and you will have many friends who will be willing to forgive you, help you, promote you and God will uplift you too.