More of your power in my ministry

I have been waiting on the Lord in prayers for more of his power in my ministry. And i am coming to the realization that there is nothing one can do to bring down a mighty move of God’s power on ones life. However I realized also that given a level of anointing, you can increase this by spending more time in prayers and in holy living. So it is always good to spend more time in prayers and study of the Bible and in fasting. But it is dangerous to assume that the more you do these things, the more of God’s power you will see on your ministry. NO. However you would notice that you will minister with more ease and with more accuracy but still at the level of grace and anointing that God has given.

It is God that chooses to what extent he would pour out his anointing on different individuals. We get what he gives and we spend time in His presence because we love him and we want to maximize what He has given. I think though that a strong desire for more of God could indicate a desire on God’s side to increase one. Well at this point, I will continue to spend time in prayers, fasting and study of the word so that I can know my Lord more and also so that I can be a faithful servant. If he choses to increase my level of anointing, so be it. If not, I am grateful for what he has given already. I feel so privileged to be an instrument in God’s hands.

Well, we are building the love groups or cell groups at our church right now. My target is that we have 5 cells at the end of the year. Right now we have one stable group, a struggling group and a third group in formation. With prayers and more help I believe we can get to 5 before Dec 31 2007. Then our goal for 2008 will be to get to 12 groups by Dec 31 2008.

We would not concentrate on numbers next year, we would concentrate on impact. We want each member of the church to make impact in their immediate community.

Personally, I keep on blessing the Lord for marvelous provisions for me and my family. Our God is a good God.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.