My Cat Fish Farming experiment in Kuje!

Ok so we (Olu and l) decided to have a fish farm as a way reducing expenses on fish and generating income… 

Right now, all we are doing is spend! I hope to share the entire experience with you! This has been on my mind for a while now but this month of February we decided to take action. 

The best way to farm fish is to create a habitat that is close to theirs as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have the space and conditions for an earthen pond so we decided to go for the concrete pond! We started building on February 2nd! It’s all done now and we are at the stage of treating the pond so that the cement does not kill the fishes! A friend of ours mentioned that he built a pond and did not treat it properly only for his 2000 fishes to all dies within 24hrs!

Well if you are interested in learning about catfish farming you can follow me! I hope to post every Friday from now on or even more frequently! In my next post, I hope to give you details of the cost so far! I think we have spent over N100,000. You can google the conversion into your own currency! 

Till next time stay tuned!

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