Oh Lord we need revival

I think a more appropriate title should be – I need revival. We have been looking at the Acts of the apostles at church and the more I meditate on the early church, the more I realise that we have lost a lot of the things that they had. The depth of love, fellowship and commitment to the Lord is very rare in our churches today. The convicting work of the Holy Spirit is hardly seen or experienced and the mainfestation of the power of God in signs and wonders is almost non-existent in most of our churches (at least we are not seeing any wonders in our church).

So when I say I need revival, it’s because I believe that the pastor of a church has a major role to play in promoting a revival in a local assembly. I believe that if I am on fire, that soon some of the members will catch the flame and we will be on our way to seeing and experiencing what was described in the Acts of the apostles. I have read many books on revival. I commented yesterday on one of the ones that has really challenged me – The revival we need by Oswald Smith. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit did not stop working in the first century, we read about great Holy Spirit convictions in the ministries of men all through the ages – People like the Wesley brothers, Whitfield, Finney, Spurgeon, Maria Wooodworth Etter, Wigglesworth, Brainerd, John Hyde, Oswald Smith and many more. If we are serving the same God, preaching the same Jesus and being moved by the same Holy Spirit, the results should be similar. However the only difference is the vessel (me). So I think I need revival.

I have spent a good portion of my day today crying to God to help me, to qualify me for His work. I cannot afford to work by my strength and I cannot afford to try to pretend that all is well. Lack of fruitfulness is a sure sign that there is need for more humility, mor submission and more obedience. May I add that the presence of conversions is also a pointer that there can be more fruit. I don’t mean to say that once I begin to see people get “born again” I will think that I am perfect, but I am saying that I will not give God any rest until I am totally transformed according to His will into a vessel that He can use to bring people into the kingdom.

I desire to see genuine salvation – not the half hearted conversions that we see today. I mean people going all the way for Jesus and never turning back. I want to see the same depth of love and fellowship in our church and I am sure signs and wonders will follow. Oh Lord I need revival.

Please pray along with me for revival.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.