Our body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit – Day 6/38

Image from  Wikimedia Commons
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Bible Reading1 Kings 6 & 7 – I was once again impressed by the details and beauty of the Temple built by King Solomon. Once again I was reminded of the human spirit, soul and body as a type of the holy of hollies,  inner court and outer court of the temple. When I think of my body as the “container” for my soul and spirit and that God Almighty dwells in my spirit which is in my body, it makes me to value my body and honour God with my life. Really this body must be kept holy for the HOLY GOD.

Daily Activities – Today was PA Day so Demi was with us at home, at work and every where. PA days are also “bring your child to work day” for us. I started thinking of some new ways of contributing some value to people by building an new website. I have a million and one ideas running through my mind always. I hope this new idea becomes a reality soon. The day ended with Youth Life Group where we celebrated Didier’s Birthday. My sermon is coming together.

Photo of the Day

We celebrated with Didier today!

Prayer – Lord I give you my all – Fill me and use me as you want. I dedicate my body and my life to you. Let your glory fill me as your glory filled the Temple built by King Solomon in Jesus Name. Thank you Holy Spirit for being with me always.

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