Our God is a Powerful God

Last week, I woke up to the cry of my son Demi. I had never heard him cry like that since he was born over 11 months ago. He was crying as if he was in pain. I rushed to his crib he was lying on his back and he kept on crying. I did not know what was wrong with him. I felt something was hurting in his stomach so i picked him up and put him on his potty, by that time his mum was beside me also. There was nothing we did that made the crying to reduce. So I placed my hands on his stomach and started to pray in tongues. Believe me, within 2 mins he stopped crying and leaned back and in another 2 minutes he was already drowsy. SO we dressed him and put him back to sleep. Our God is indeed a great GOD.

As per provisions, the money has been coming in whenever we needed it. Last week we needed to make some payments, and as you can guess, we opened our mail box to find the money we needed. Two people from different places sent us what God placed in their hearts to send. One man of God says ” You don’t have a problem all you need is Faith in God.

I am glad that my BA in Theology is almost done now. I have just about 24 days left. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness.

Dear Reader, Put your HOPE in GOD. TRUST HIM. GOD NEVER FAILS.

Bye for now.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.