Before you pray, He already answered

Sometimes God answers our prayers a while before we even ask Him. We then see the results after we ask and our joy is full. A few days ago i was telling my wife that the provision for some bills that had to be made will come before they are due, but i did not know where it will come from. However when i got to my office i was lookng at some mails that i had negelected for a while only to discover that a brother all the way in Manitoba has sent some money through Paypal to me since the 11th of November. God Answered the prayer of December 2nd on November 11th. Our God is a good God.

Okay, I have been silent for some time because I was preparing for our healing service on the 25th of November. It was a success, people were healed and delivered. I am still expecting the testimonies so if i get any spectcular one I will share it. If i don’t then we have to wait for another opportunity. One thing I learnt though is that, the key to the miraculous, is helping the people to focus on Jesus and not on you. I look forward to more meetings like that. One brother said, he hopes we would have more of that. For sure we would, i am not just sure how often.

As the year runs to an end, I am grateful to God and I am waiting on God for more instructions regard my personal ministry and the direction the church will go. So far I believe we would focus on the cell groups.

It’s Demi’s Birthday on the 15th of this month but we would be celebrating it after church on the 16th of Decmber, because his mother and I both have exams on the 15th from 2.00 – 5.00pm. Moreover, Sunday after church is more convinient for the church family.

My sweetheart’s birthday is on Friday (2 days from now) 7th of this month. I am still thinking of what to do for her. It’s always a good time to go the extra mile in showing love, though love should be shown everyday. I will let you guys know how the day went. We would be celebrating her birthday too on Sunday 9th of December. That’s what happens to you when you are too carzy about God. We just love this our church family.

Our God is a Powerful God

Last week, I woke up to the cry of my son Demi. I had never heard him cry like that since he was born over 11 months ago. He was crying as if he was in pain. I rushed to his crib he was lying on his back and he kept on crying. I did not know what was wrong with him. I felt something was hurting in his stomach so i picked him up and put him on his potty, by that time his mum was beside me also. There was nothing we did that made the crying to reduce. So I placed my hands on his stomach and started to pray in tongues. Believe me, within 2 mins he stopped crying and leaned back and in another 2 minutes he was already drowsy. SO we dressed him and put him back to sleep. Our God is indeed a great GOD.

As per provisions, the money has been coming in whenever we needed it. Last week we needed to make some payments, and as you can guess, we opened our mail box to find the money we needed. Two people from different places sent us what God placed in their hearts to send. One man of God says ” You don’t have a problem all you need is Faith in God.

I am glad that my BA in Theology is almost done now. I have just about 24 days left. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness.

Dear Reader, Put your HOPE in GOD. TRUST HIM. GOD NEVER FAILS.

Bye for now.

More of your power in my ministry

I have been waiting on the Lord in prayers for more of his power in my ministry. And i am coming to the realization that there is nothing one can do to bring down a mighty move of God’s power on ones life. However I realized also that given a level of anointing, you can increase this by spending more time in prayers and in holy living. So it is always good to spend more time in prayers and study of the Bible and in fasting. But it is dangerous to assume that the more you do these things, the more of God’s power you will see on your ministry. NO. However you would notice that you will minister with more ease and with more accuracy but still at the level of grace and anointing that God has given.

It is God that chooses to what extent he would pour out his anointing on different individuals. We get what he gives and we spend time in His presence because we love him and we want to maximize what He has given. I think though that a strong desire for more of God could indicate a desire on God’s side to increase one. Well at this point, I will continue to spend time in prayers, fasting and study of the word so that I can know my Lord more and also so that I can be a faithful servant. If he choses to increase my level of anointing, so be it. If not, I am grateful for what he has given already. I feel so privileged to be an instrument in God’s hands.

Well, we are building the love groups or cell groups at our church right now. My target is that we have 5 cells at the end of the year. Right now we have one stable group, a struggling group and a third group in formation. With prayers and more help I believe we can get to 5 before Dec 31 2007. Then our goal for 2008 will be to get to 12 groups by Dec 31 2008.

We would not concentrate on numbers next year, we would concentrate on impact. We want each member of the church to make impact in their immediate community.

Personally, I keep on blessing the Lord for marvelous provisions for me and my family. Our God is a good God.

I will only do what my Father tells me to do

Studying the book of John, I am drawn to the fact that Jesus kept on saying over and over again that he does not do anything independently. All he said and did were as commanded by the Father and also for the glory of the Father. I believe that in the same manner, we also should NEVER act independently of Jesus Christ who lives in us in the person of the Holy Spirit. We must be conscious of the fact that if we are to be fruitful in ministry, we must be totally committed to glorifying the father through Jesus on HIS OWN TERMS. God determines what would glorify HIM and we do as he commands. O LORD, help me to be weak enough to say, I won’t do anything unless you do it in me.

Okay since my last post, I got admitted to Concordia’s MA program in Theology to start in January 2008. I pray that the grace of God will carry me through the program with great grades.

I am looking forward to a great time at our meeting on 25th of November. I know that I can’t do anything but i have faith in the words of God so i am expectant of a glorious time in the presence of God. We are having a healing and deliverance service on Sunday 25th November 2007. I will give a brief report after the meeting.

See you next time.