Back on the blogging Scene

Yes, its been quite a long break. I have been too busy doing so many things that I did not take out time to blog. Well I have reorganized my schedule and I am back on the scene.

I don’t think I can bring you up to speed with all that has been going on in my life since may 2006, because it’s over one year. God blessed us with a son on December 15th 2006, so he is almost 11 months old. You can see why I have been busy.

Also I am now a full time Pastor of Overcomers Assemby. The cool thing about being a full time pastor is that you get to learn how to work with God full-time. I have since discovered that without God, I am finished. It’s been a year of many testimonies. One interesting part of my being a full time pastor is that I don’t get paid by Overcomers Assembly; instead I get paid by God directly.

Okay what does that mean? Well after reading about George Muller and with my own personal convictions (I always wanted to pastor without depending on the church), I was convinced that it would be a better experience to learn to trust God to provide for me and my family. I am sharing this, so that if any other minister reads it, they can be encouraged to trust God for provision and for those of you that are not full time minister, this is to encourage you to trust God to provide for your needs. YOU DON’T NEED TO DO 3 JOBS. 40 hours is more than enough work for one week. Trust God for the balance.

So how does this work? Well the rules are that I will NEVER ask people for money to meet my needs. Instead I will ask God. God will then speak to his children and they would give the needed funds. Of course also the Lord could give me an idea that would generate funds, but the bottom line is that I will devote my life work to the service of God and I will expect him to send me funds, the way he chooses to do so.

So the money donated every week at church would be used entirely to further the work of the kingdom. That is why as a growing church, we are able to do so much more than other similar sized church. I can imagine how little we would be able to do if the church had to pay me $2000 every month. It will be good for my pocket, but what about the work?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean to insinuate that it is a bad idea to pay pastors. Not at all. I believe that a church that takes care of its pastor will prosper and all the members of the church. This is simply my own conviction and I believe the members of our church will prosper as they learn to give to the Lord as they are inspired by God.

So i know you really want to know if i have seen results. The answer is yes. Last week a pastor that i preached in his church met me at a prayer meeting. He gave me an envelope. When we opened it, there was $200 in the envelope. So you see what I mean? Our GOD IS A GOOD GOD. He always honors faith in Him.

If you manged to read this far, you deserve a prize for patience. Till next time. Be Successful.