I believe that God who has called us into ministry is able to provide for and take care of his servants and their family. We have been lead by God not to actively solicit for funds for our personal upkeep and not to receive a salary from Overcomers Asssembly (the church where I serve as a pastor).

However, there are a few people on whose heart God has laid the desire to support us financially. These people know themselves and are willing to do so. If you are one of these children of God, and you know that God has called you to support us financially, you can now do so by making a contribution of $25 monthly for the next 12 months.  Simply use the button below.

I would like to support your ministry with $25 every month over the next 12 months.[donation]If you would like to make a one time donation or you would like to support mothly with a different amount of money please visit this link: Show me more options.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy the blessings of giving and I pray that the Lord will always put you in a better position to give always. Have a blessed day.

Ade Sobanjo (Pastor)

Ps: Please consider giving your life to Christ first before giving to the work of God.