Plan to improve your life

You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.  (Pro 19:21 NLT)

When we read this text, we may be tempted take a negative approach to it and say “It’s useless to plan because you really never know what will happen. You only set yourself up for disappointment . However, I would like to suggest that we look at the text in another light. Instead of making plans about things that are out of our control, lets find out what God wants and make our plans on things within our control.

You and I cannot really determine what happens to us this year, this month or even in the next couple of hours, but we can determine how we react. Why not start planning on how to improve how we react to things, and how we react to life and how we respond to people? I think plans that help to improve these things that are within our control will also help to improve our decisions and hence our lives.

Enjoy the podcast and please send me your comments. I enjoy reading them. Till next time. Remain blessed and fruitful.


Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.

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