Plan your life and maximise your potentials

At the begining of each year I prayerfully consider what God’s plans for me in the year is. This year I decided to refresh my life plan also. I suggest that you do the same and in this article I show the way to do so.

For any one to succeed at anything life you need to know what exactly success is. This may seem like an obvious fact. However there are many people out there who really do not know what success means for them. How would you know that you are a success if you don’t know what it means to succeed? One good way to begin to move towards success is to write down a plan for your life. Many people spend more time planning their vacation than they spend planning their life. I suggest that you write down your life goals following the pattern described below.

I first wrote this when I was about 15years old and since then I have written and rewritten in many times over. Sometimes it may be difficult to think about what you want in life; however it may be easier to think about what you want 20ys down the road. Please note that once you have done the 20yrs plan, you will need to break it down to 5yrs, 1yr and 90days. I can tell you first hand that the exercise is worth the effort. Some of the questions you need to answer are listed below. Please feel free to add other categories. Do not just think about these things – WRITE THEM DOWN.

How would you like your personal relationship with God be in 20 years time? Think about the time you spend alone with God, time you spend in fellowship with other believers, think about the way your life is influencing people for God and the power of your prayers in terms of the results you see in other peoples lives when you pray for them. Think about you ability to hear God and obey his directions and leadings n your life. How would you want all these to have developed in 20 year?

What would you want in 20 yrs regarding your own nuclear family? Marriage? How many Children do you want to have? When would you love to get married? How old would you want them to be at that time if you had your way? What would you want for them as per education, spirituality, ministry, marriage and so on. How would you want your relationship with your spouse to be? Think about times spent together, time spent with the children, and so on. Be creative, think wide, think deep and come back often to fine tune.

What would you want in 20 yrs regarding relationships with your extended family, Close friends, business partners and other relationships that you can remember? The more you can write the better.

How far would you want to have gone with your career in 20yrs? Think of academic achievements (Phd? – when?) Write the approximate years you would like to have achieved these? For example to have a Phd within the next 6yrs. How about Professional qualifications? Research them and write more. How about promotions? Would you like a career change along the line? Be specific, Have fun and don’t worry at this time how these things would be accomplished.

What would you want your net-worth to be in 20yrs time? What is your net-worth presently? How do you envision that you would get this net worth? For example value of your house, value of investments, take home pay, profit from business, other real estates? Be as specific as possible and remember to have fun. It’s your life and it’s only fair to want good things for your self. When would you like to retire? Would you like to earn income while you do things you love doing? Think outside the box. Be realistic but be creative as well. If someone has done it, you can do it too. The question usually is whether you are willing to do what it will take.

Community Service
In what ways would you like to have contributed and be contributing to the world around you in 20yrs. Think about ministry, think about volunteering, think about donations to charity, think about starting a non-profit, think about way in which you can help to make the world a better place. Break down your plans to smaller bits but be creative and don’t be afraid to dream big.

Personal Development
Other things that may come to mind. Hobbies, trips you want to make, places you want to visit and so on. Your aim is to break the plan down so that you think about it more thoroughly. What are your personal development goals? Would you like to learn another language, golf? Would you like to build your own website? Think and be specific, the more details you have the better.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.