Praying in the Spirit – Day 12

As I mentioned yesterday, we had an all-night prayer meeting so I was unable to pray at the usual time. However the prayer meeting was great. We all were filled with a spirit of rejoicing and victory as we read Psalm 118. We were all encouraged to speak by faith concerning this month and I tell you. It is a great month for me and my family. I pray the same for you too.

I was able to send out the monthly newsletter for our church yesterday and I believe that this year I would send out all the remaining 10 newsletters. Last year I think I only sent 4 at most 5. One can easily get carried away with so many things. This year however, I am focusing on reviving and putting some more emphasis on my online ministry. I realized that God led me to study Engineering for a purpose. I intend to maximize the internet and any further developments in technology to promote the work of God. I just realized also that the few newsletters I sent last year blessed so many people who are not in our church. In fact, the people that are being blessed outside our church are more than the people in the church.

The Devil is a lair
After the prayer meeting, when we got home at about 5.45am, as we were trying to clear the snow so that we could go into the garage, I suddenly discovered that when I came out of the car (after Olu had already come out), I locked my keys in the car with Demi inside it. Luckily enough, the car was still running and the heat was on. I must have used the central lock to lock the doors without thinking. I know the devil meant it as an opportunity to get our spirits down and cause some quarrellings between Olu and I but he failed. We simply called Canadian Tire Road Side Assistance, and they came after one hour and about 8mins. It took us almost 20 mins to even get their number. I would have complained about the Roadside Assistance but I know the devil was playing tricks because the driver came and said that he was given a wrong address. Or he heard wrong. No matter what happened the good part is that we have seen once again the failure and downfall of Satan.

It goes without saying that our feet and hands were frozen by the time we got in, but Demi was just having a good nap all the while in the locked car. He never even knew that he was locked in. No wonder Jesus said we should come like a child. No matter how bad things look to you. Relax. Our God is in control. In a short time, it will look as if there was no trouble at all.

We all slept for a while and I am up again. I will take time out to prepare the sermon for tomorrow and get the PA System from the evening church to get them ready for the morning church. I can’t wait until we would not have to carry equipments back and forth.

Author: Ade

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